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PostSubject: Singularity   Fri 18 Jun 2010, 8:21 pm

If you've been reading Game Informer like me (or reading things online) you may have heard of this new shooter.

Singularity sorta puts you in the shoes of a US Airforce pilot and he crashes into an island he was supposed to check out, and he finds a device called that is named the Time Manipilation Device )or TMD 4 short) that allows him to do said thing. He can turn enemies into dust, he can make a broken door be come new, he can freeze grenades in time and then he can throw em back. Oh and he can make an enemy's cover go bye bye by aging it (Example bad guy hides behind crate you turn the crate in2 a broken piece of crap). You pretty much fight Russian Spetnaz (did i spell this right??), bunch of zombie-ish things called Zeks and other stuff u come across in this game.
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