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 What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"

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PostSubject: What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"   Thu 29 Jul 2010, 9:48 pm

First topic message reminder :

FFa and Laming
It could be the most arguable term in Jk2
"laming" or "lamer"

Laming according to urbandictionary :
"Used in the game Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi Academy. The act off attacking someone with their saber down or chat bubble up."

what does FFa have to say about it ?

FFa doesn't recognize it. It is part of the game. It is not a crime, or considered an illegal offense in the law of lucasarts, or better yet real life !

Laming :

The Definitions of Laming according to FFa

- Laming(1) - "A slang term for "leave me alone" in the jedi knight outcast servers realm.

- Laming(2) - "A basic inference for players who play jedi knight outcast" this means they frag the opponent to score points, regardless of the players status in game.

- Laming(3) - "An exercise of deliberate assault practiced by players who do not recognize the server's clan rules or ideology on how the game is supposed to be played".

- Laming (4) - "An unwanted style of play within any server that deems it to be disruptive of the server hosting agenda.

- Laming (5) - A player may state this if they cannot handle the attacking player - and may request backup from their clan mates to address the issue. (eg. Tommy strikes down [ATS]Cubicle, Cubicle tries to retaliate tommy by a red DFA, and receives a swift kick to the head by tommy. This could go on for a few minutes and eventually, Cubicle then says in public chat - "Tommy is lamming!" "Kick him!"

Lamer :

- Lamer(1) - A derogatory term for a player who strikes another player down without the other's permission.

- Lamer(2) - A Player who lames is considered a player who disrupts the other player while the player could be in chat and using the server like msn.

- Lamer(3) - A Really disruptive player causing much disturbance in the NF realm especially leaping off stairs and balconies at a tremendous height and annihilating their opponent for no reason at all.

- Lamer(4) - A player that is considered a problem within the server - decided by the server's hosting clan, or other players who do not appreciate the attacking player.

- Lamer(5) - A really experienced well rounded fighter that cannot be halted by the opposing team's faction - usually as 1 unit or in pairs of 2. What happens is the lamer or lamer(s) receive a server warning and do not respond and continue their deliberate attack. If the server's clan or opposing coalition cannot dispatch the attacking players they are called a lamer in public chat. And usually the lamers are kicked or banned.(eg. [CA]Juheti finds an FFa player to be assaulting other [CA] members and proceeds to attack that FFa member while the onslaught is taking place, the FFa survives a few rounds and scrambles and hides for a time, while the [CA] group regathers and finds the conflict to be subsided - they continue the rest of their activites such as dueling. The FFa player returns and finds [CA]Juheti standing at the pad observing duels, he stands on the balcony and red DFA strikes [CA]Juheti - forcing him to respawn. [CA]Juheti calls
the FFa member a Lamer and will either kick or ban him if it continues...

Why we shouldn't recognize the term "Laming or Lamer"

1.) Why do you play Jedi Knight ? To chat with friends or kill to score points ? When you prevent others from playing the game they way they like to, that is a breach of someone elses rights and this is called gameplay deprivation.

2.) There is no law against it, in the jedi knight console cvar/rcon commands there is nothing that addresses that kind of issue. The game is meant to be played, not deprived. There were several anti-laming mods created by players, and most often abused in the past...

That is why FFa doesn't believe in the term laming. We collectively play the game as it is intended. You will even find our players constantly sparring each other to get better. The one comment that is displayed whenever you connect to a server is - "Defeat the other players to score points"... The gametype is Free For All mode, hence it is a free for all...

The latest one is the[u] [b]CHAT BOX EXPLOIT[/b]![/u]

The [b]chat box exploit[/b] occurs when there has been an auto admin designated to "babysit" the server while the admins are away, and sometimes admins will check periodically from time to time to see how formidable the auto admin has been. The auto admin will kick players at will for players who strike another player down while the other player is in chat or without the saber on. The Auto Admin does not come with Jk2MP it is a third party add on. Players lately will take advantage of the auto admin system if they cannot compete against advanced force users and will purposely go into chat hoping the player who is attacking them will catch them while their chat box is up causing a penalty, kick or the goal would be a ban - if the player is frustrating the individual(s). This is the most effective way to ban or kick someone with little to no effort and the purpose of the game is wasted. This chat box exploit technique is used on a frequent level on both ATS and SOL servers.


The term is more gloriously used in NF servers (No Force) as the players main focus' - is to duel or force fight duel. A player is normally not allowed to strike another player down without warning. It is understood to be disrespectful or rude to frag another player during chatting or when there saber is off. Whenever a players chat box is up it is inappropriate to strike them unless you let them know ahead of time. While FFa recognizes the term being used by alot of players since release ; it is not used properly, and most often abused. (ex. Laming Reference (5)) It was rare years ago, for people to complain about laming in Heavy Force Servers as the whole point of the game is to annihilate your opponents with all force means. When players typically complain about being "lamed" attacked, struck, or force to respawn, they have not achieved a high enough level of gameplay to retaliate to the attacks. It also tells the "lamer" that you are not capable of fighting back. And it shows that you are highly dependent on admins to establish a totalitarian rule on the server. It is heavily suggested these type of players find a game where they cannot be lamed, and they will never have to worry about it again. Games like The Sims and Civilization 4 do not have "laming" occur.

Because of laming definition 5 and the imfamous CHAT BOX EXPLOIT - FFa does not wish to recognize the term laming and continues to play this game for what it is. Jk2 is not msn, or aim ; our main objective is not "in game" talking. We are one united hand of players - call us lamers if you must, but we will continue our agenda accordingly.

Lets say we did not "lame" others in any server at all. Would players just stand around and have a chit chat ?

... and is accepting or initiating a duel a form of "Authorized Laming" ?

Thanks for reading FFa's view on the whole laming deal.

.FFa wants to hear from you !
write your thoughts on laming on :

thanks for your time !

.FFa Team and Management.
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PostSubject: Re: What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"   Sat 07 Aug 2010, 12:32 am

shove em underneath a elevator :/
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PostSubject: Re: What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"   Sat 07 Aug 2010, 12:49 am

i wanted you to THINK bdl. not spam a senseless post.
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Sith Lord
Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Re: What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"   Sat 07 Aug 2010, 6:31 am

It was a joke............
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PostSubject: Re: What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"   

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What FFa thinks of this term "Laming"
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