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 Defiance (2008)

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Jedi Padawan
Jedi Padawan

Posts : 622

PostSubject: Defiance (2008)   Fri 06 Aug 2010, 2:46 pm

I know this movie came out in 2008, I was just bored when I posted this. but I'm just curious has anyone seen it? I bought it, it's really good. I highly reccomend it to anyone who enjoys studying WWII. Some might find some parts very sad and emotional, I must admit it is sad and emotional at some parts but this is probably one of the most inspiring movies I've ever seen.

In my opinion they should've waited about two or three years to make this movie, at the time some of the characters were still no-bodies, the main character in the new Disney version of Alice in Wonderland who plays Alice is in this movie, and one of the main characters in the movie Salt is also in this movie, he plays one of the main roles... If only they made this movie after Salt and Alice in Wonderland were released, then people would've been more motivated to see Defiance and it probably would've made more money. Please note: That is my opinion I made this 'theory' on my own.

I also like this movie because it represents some of the ideas Sunrise of Liberty stands for: Honor, Family. After all, we are family ^_^ (Not to sound cheesy/corny/etc)

~~ Cat cat cat cat cat
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Sith Lord
Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Defiance (2008)   Fri 06 Aug 2010, 3:14 pm

I'll have to look it up on Netflix sometime Razz
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Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Defiance (2008)   Fri 06 Aug 2010, 4:01 pm

Great movie ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Defiance (2008)   

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Defiance (2008)
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