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 My JK2 History [Updated][Last Update]

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Avatar Aang
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PostSubject: My JK2 History [Updated][Last Update]   Thu 07 Oct 2010, 1:07 am

Well i first played jk2 in the begging of 2009. When i came to jk2 i did not know anything about jk2 i not know that LOL or k or nvm and all the other short words meant. i did not even know how to fight properly.
The first server I joined was well I cant remember anymore. But it was well populated I played loads on it and then I met someone on it. He was very kind. He helped me learn about JK2. He told me what lol means and k means he teached me. His name was G master. He became a good friend of myn. We played loads together. My name was Darth Revan when I joined Jk2. So my friend took me to ATS server and we played there. That's where I met TS and rest of its members. So I played with them. And I soon got recruited by Cane Taros leader of TS. Back then TS was very nice and cool.

My TS Days

So when I joined TS I kept the name Darth Revan. And played with all the TS members. And I used to take over the temple of ATS with my friends. After a while I started to get keen in ranking up and started forgetting about G master who introduced me to the Game. Cane Taros teached me how to duel. And he teached me the moves of the styles. And I was then so in to TS. And I just ranked up and ranked up. I started to get a bit better at duelling. And made new friends. eswell I played with danek who's name at his TS times was Darth Nihilus. Cane made me a recruiter. I was basically special. And danek did not like the idear of that. He fort it was unfair. One day I had a tourny with one of the TS members and he won. And he was supposed to get ranked up. But cane was so kind and he ranked me up. Danek was very angry of this. Then. After a while when I was better in jk2. Me and danek and a couple of TS members rebelled. And I made a new clan. danek eswell done it. Then the day where me and danek and a couple of TS members. danek turned back to cane. And so did I. danek tried to get me kicked saying that I created a clan which I did. But I told cane, danek did, so cane believed me although I lied. And danek left TS. And danek then joined ATS. He then did not have the name Darth Nihilus anymore he changed his name to Danek360. So life continued in TS me ranking up. Me becoming 3rd leader and so on. Eswell more and more things happened while I was in TS. I had a vacation for a week. I was not in jk2 for a week. I came back and TS was in chaos. And loads of members left TS. And I had to rebuild TS when I came back from vacation. Later cane came back I asked him where the hell he was and he said he was on vacation. So I told him what happened that TS is in Chaos. That everyone left TS. So I rebuild most of TS. He hardly done anything. And then after a while TS started coming back to normal.

The Fun Times

Well when I was a beginner at TS. I used to play on Wonkos server back then wonkos was well populated and loads of people used to play on it. But now wonkos server is always empty. Anyway I used to play with my friends, G Master and Nazo and other friends on wonkos server. We used to have loads of fun used to do RP on the server. After a while I got more and more fixed on TS helping them and recruiting people. By doing that I forgot all about my friends and JK2 became my hobbies in that time I was like Xaso, I did not go out with my friends in real life I was on jk2 everyday doing things for TS and forgetting about really Life. After a while Wonkos server got less populated and not a lot of people played on it anymore.

My Vacation and after my Vacation

After a while so fixed on TS for a month forgetting about my friends. I started to get bored and done a 1 week vacation. Staying away from jk2 for a week. In my vacation I played loads of different games. When I came back from my 1 week vacation I looked at how TS was. I then found out that TS was in CHAOS. All our members left. And cane was not there either. So I stared to rebuild TS. Then cane came back and I asked him where he was he answered he was on vacation. I was not very happy. So I told him what happened that TS is in chaos. And that all our members left us. Basically our members done the same thing what SoL done to ATS to us. So me and cane got to work and started to rebuild TS. And we had loads of fun times together used to play on FM2 server. Used to do loads of RP together. We eswell done TS clan pictures. For our forum. And we played and recruited and rebuilding for a long time.

Me leaving TS and Joining |KoD|

a few months later I left TS for the first time coz I wanted to move on. So I left TS and joined |KoD| a JK3 clan. |KoD| was a very respectful clan. The were very well mannered. Cane said that, that clan might turn out crap and the members might be shit. And Shogun leader of |KoD| sore what cane wrote and shogun did not like TS. So I joined |KoD| it was a very very nice clan. There rules were striked you brake them you can get kicked. A few days later this guy called geptun talked bad about |KoD| and Shogun saying he knows Shogun and saying shogun stole members. And shogun said to geptun to stop talking
Bad about |KoD|. Soon I got kicked out of |KoD| for bad language.

Back in TS

Then I rejoined TS after getting kicked out of |KoD|. So I stayed in TS for a long time. The Ralen Joined TS. He stayed in TS for a long time. Then he left to go to the clan called Dark so he could do map modding.
We had difficult connections with Dark coz of cane. Not long ago ralen rejoined TS to rebuild it coz it was failing. ralen tried his best with me but it failed. Eswell I first sore SoL when I was back in TS. This Year
TS and ATS did not like each other
Dark and TS did not like each other

Leaving TS for good followed by my friends.

In the end ralen got fed up coz no one was helping and ralen tried his best with me. So he left
then I left coz of Cane coz he became a dictator and became very mean. And then the shadows left eswell

Who Joining what

Ralen joined SoL after TS
The Shadow Brothers joined a JK3 clan
I joined ATS. But later Left ATS coz of there activity

My JK2 Names

My Names were:

Darth Revan

Dark Knight


Avatar Aang

My New Freinds in SoL Clan


Kernow Pilgrim


And all other SoL members are my freinds.

Now i am in SoL. having fun with my freinds, and having fun on SoL Server.


I hope you enjoyed reading thank you

From Avatar Aang
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My JK2 History [Updated][Last Update]
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