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 The Templar Clan

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PostSubject: The Templar Clan   Tue 21 Dec 2010, 4:34 am

When Grand Master, Shogun, first began «[T]», he had a goal in mind. To be unique and make this clan a true family, forever. Regulations were made for the safety of the clan, which some may see are too strict. Others, who are loyal and wish to make a strong foundation, honor and support these regulations.

Every member, is trialed, even before thought of applying and being approved into the clan. When the selection might be strict, it benefited the clan tremendously. The Hopeful's that become Padawans, start on their journey. To truly learn what «[T]» is, and where the clan is going to go in the future. How they will benefit and what they can do to help at all times.

In the time of the beginning time of «[T]», Jedi Exiles, were struggling at the time, and found themselves, losing members and activity. By the power of the Grand Master, a Merge was issued to JE, which they accepted. «[T]» gained some of the members, but in the end, we're not cut-out for the long haul.

The past may have had downfalls, but they also gained some members, that will/have see/seen, what their Grand Master sees for the future of «[T]». Passion is a main key to their success thus far.

«[T]» stood strong, and continued to push for mature, and respectable members. They know as a clan, that they will gain and lose members, throughout it's life, but the impact of the members will have, is amazing. Each member, becomes part of the family, and a bond is made. Each member will stand together, for the common goal of Life and Loyalty.

In their present state, they will continue to fight hard for one another. They do not need a huge amount of members to be fierce, because they are a foundation that can not be broken. Members, will learn or continue to follow the way of «[T]». Standing up with Loyalty to the Leadership and understand what is expected of them. Support is key and makes it easier on everyone. The fun times will always happen, via events and gatherings.

The future of «[T]» shall be strong and united. Their members will see what their Grand Master is showing them. They will be Loyal and Honor each other. Their Grand Master's goals and ambitions have been heard by few and also many at times. They are glorious and will make themselves stronger than ever. They will continue to become stronger, instead of weaker, through the Force that surrounds them. There is no point of going down negative roads, when they have already been through so much, in so little time. It is what they do as one, that will amount for everything.

Their priorities are great, and them as members need to look back at times, and remember them.

Loyalty – An action of Honor to most. To show and prove to this world that they will fight together. That they must believe in their Grand Master, because in the end, he has shown the greatest and best interests in this clan. Loyalty is the biggest thing they ask of their members. This fact keeps them tightly bonded together, as one.

Activity – May be in the decline phase, but their Leadership asks that the effort to change is upon them. When they unite as one, either in server or forum activity, it strengthens the way their clan feeds of the Force. Activity, in the end, makes their goals in sight for the future. To have fun with their friends and family, together in common fashion.

Attitude – Members of «[T]» must not be negative in any circumstance. If there is a problem among them, each member knows it can easily be solved, by taking it to their Leadership. It is there to help in any way it can. If they can, put their attitude in a positive note, they will be able to get more things going. Same with their Activity.

Respect – Everyone in this clan, shows respect to everyone, even outsiders. Even if it, is a lamer, they are the bigger people, and this clan is Unique. The members strive on that, because they are mature members and they stand together. They instill Respect for their Leadership and the ways it chooses to Lead their clan. If they Respect, as mature members they are, the better and smoothly things will go.

Support – Their members are very talented, in all areas of the field. They have proven this in every shape and form, by hard work from it's members. Are some good at designing sigs? Yes. Skinning? Yes. Mapping? Yes. Forum Work? Yes. Site Work? Yes. Activity? All these areas have proven they can be done, with time and effort by their members. Time may be scarce with a lot of their members, but they have still shown support in any different fashion.

Knowledge is key to everything, and young minds with inquires will always exist. This tale has been informative..

**End Holocron**

The Leadership has brought to you this Holocron today, to inform you all on many things. To show and prove that Templar, is a unique and tremendous clan, that will strive to live on strong and healthy. To show that the Grand Master, has many goals that can be made real, with the support of the clan..

Yes, at times, we really do need to look back at the past, present, and the future. We all make a difference, and we will always be here to support one another. That is why we are unique and that is why we will be together, as a foundation, solid as a rock. The Force will feel us up, and continue to work it's power within us.

The Leadership hopes this has been informative and that you have thoroughly have read, and contemplated the message that has been brought to yourself. Continue to strive and even if you wish to support the clan more, the Leadership is always a message a way.

Thank your for time and let the Force dwell within you,
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PostSubject: Re: The Templar Clan   Tue 21 Dec 2010, 9:18 am

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The Templar Clan
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