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 20 Reasons Saint Louis, MO is amazing

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Jedi Padawan
Jedi Padawan

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PostSubject: 20 Reasons Saint Louis, MO is amazing   Tue 04 Jan 2011, 9:38 am

I was bored so I decided to make an awesome list of all the amazing sites, and facts about Saint Louis, Missouri.

Here you go! Please comment and tell me what you think Very Happy

---Ceiling Cat, a true missourian. cat cat cat cat

#20 - Best haunted houses in the US
Literally, the haunted houses here in STL are amazing, there's about 5 total. They've been rated the best in the country

#19 - Compton Heights: First subdivision in the US
You might be wondering, how does STL have the first subdivision if it's only been around for less than 200 years?? Well, a subdivision is a planned out neighborhood, and Compton Heights is the very first. Compton Heights is a wealthy neighborhood in case you didn't know that o.O

#18 - Fitz Brewery

#17 - Kick ass national guard academy/Jefferson barracks

#16 - The hill
It's this region in the metrpolitan area settled by italians and populated by italians... They have great italian food xD

#15 - Lindbergh highschool
It r highschool that is ranked 937th besht highschool in teh nation. I don't go to it, but it is good o.O

#14 - Highway 44

#13 - Missouri Botanical Garden

#12 - StL Cardinals
Teh baseball team in stl o.O

#11 - City Musuem
It's this massive fawking playground and its indoors, there's a school bus on the roof, a skatepark on the third floor, an art room is here, there's only one 'musuem room' in the building and it's actually interesting, but it's just a gallery and it r awesome. In the gallery is the crucifix that was in the room of the famous exorcism of stl that inspired teh movie The Exorcist. The crucifix is all burnt up and is VERY creepy looking.... o.O affraid

there's soooooooo much more in there...

#10 - Washington University
It specializes in the medical field and some other things. Every year over 20,000 people apply for Wash U and only 1,000 get accepted. I believe it's an Ivy League school and it's pretty much the Harvard of the middlewest. If you goes there, you musts be really smart... and you should visit meh sometime

tOASted ravioli was invented here nom nom

#8 - Anheiser-Busch Brewery
Yep, budweiser beer was invented in stl, and there's a classy big brewery and free tours with free beer at the end xDDDDD drunken drunken drunken

#7 - Forest Park
Teh biggest park in teh us, it's bigger than Central park srsly.

#6 - Ted fawking Drewe's frozen fawking custard
It's not ice cream, it's frozen custard, and Ted Drewes is the best you will ever have... Seriously xD

#5 - Imo's Pizza
STL styled pizza and it kicks ass. It's very well known across Missouri and Illinois.

Remember that movie/book?? Well that all took place in STL, at the Concordia Seminary in one of teh office buildings in the very room it happened is blocked off, no one has been in that room for years. There's this hospital that's been closed for years and another exorcism was performed there. Every night the lights on teh third floor go on and off and some of mah friends went in there and they came out with no shoes.

#3 - Lemp Mansion
Teh 3rd most haunted location in teh US. DONT FAWK WITH LEMP MANSION OR CEILING CAT WILL FIND U

#2 - Best drinking water in teh US

#1 - Gateway Arch
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20 Reasons Saint Louis, MO is amazing
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