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Jedi Padawan
Jedi Padawan

Posts : 622

PostSubject: I QUIT   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 9:23 am

Just kidding lol

anyway, I just wanted to apologize for my absense, I've been at this camp from last saturday to today (thursday).

The camp was called Vocatio and it was at Concordia Seminary of Saint Louis, MO. I had a lot of fun but it's good to be back.

The last night we did karoke and my friend and I sang Hotel Room Service it was awesome! We were like the center of attention.

The main reason I made this topic was to ask if I could keep filming mah videos in the SOL server, I've been busy so I have not been able to film and make mah Cat Liberty which pisses meh off. Could I please keep filming? Very Happy

K so I leave AGAIN tommorow to go on the District Youth Gathering of Missouri and shall be back on sunday/monday.

God bless
--SpartaCat/Ceiling Cat/Ben cat cat
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Sith Lord
Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Re: I QUIT   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 9:42 am

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Kernow Pilgrim

Posts : 10648

PostSubject: Re: I QUIT   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 12:15 pm

Of course you can still film CAT! Very Happy

He's da mother fly a kite cat! ^_^

Admiral AckbarIT'S A TRAP!

Onen hag Oll

~Forum Moderator
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Posts : 1888

PostSubject: Re: I QUIT   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 2:32 pm

I feel like you otta do something like Lamer Cat or something but on Xbox Live or something..

...Like Camper Cat or something. (I'm kidding no camping)
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PostSubject: Re: I QUIT   

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