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 auto admin

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PostSubject: auto admin    Sun 03 Jul 2011, 11:16 am

evening all well can u peopel do something about auto admin soem people make bad use of it that come attack you and whne u go to that person he turns chatbox on and he just keeps waiting till you kill him or u go away when you want to kill that person again he do the same chatbox on again and later he comes attacking you then you attack him he turns chatbox back on jsut to get you banned can you people solve this problem thanks i dont think i'm the only one who saw this type of playing to be honest you get abused by auto admin for just killing someone who attacked you and could not win so he turned chatbox on to get you banned anyway waiting for reply i hope this can be solved .
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Kernow Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: auto admin    Sun 03 Jul 2011, 11:48 am

Hi merC. What player was doing this to you? I'll keep an eye out for them.

As for the chatbox loophole, which is pretty common, it takes about 5 seconds after raising the chatbox before it will count as a typekill. So you should be able to kill them quite effectively if you're both in mid-fight before it will count as chatkill.

I've never tried it myself but I can imagine it must be fustrating, unfortunately I think cancelling auto admin would make more negatives than positives. Just be patient and wait for the time to hit them back, if they've attacked you, you have the right to kill them regardless of what position they're in. But in case that gets confused here is our full definition:

This is our laming rule specifications for administratives in the event of laming complications:

Laming Rule Specifications wrote:
In the event of laming complications --> The last person to die should have the right to declare a ceasefire. You shouldn't be able to kill somebody and then refuse to fight them so that you got the last kill, it's childish and it angers people. If you truly don't want to fight, it should suffice to be killed by the other person and then be left alone. That way the attacker is satisfied with having killed you last, and you get your peace in not having to continue fighting them.

The following things should constitute an attack:

* Anything that gives you a kill on someone
* Saber swing
* Saber throw
* Kicks
* Grip
* Lightning

The following things should NOT constitute an attack:

* Saber auto 1hp damage ticks from being turned on (not swinging)
* Push
* Pull
* Drain
* Mind Trick

The following somewhat subjective things should be EXCEPTIONS to the above rules and DO constitute an attack:

* Very repetitive use of the following Force powers on someone who is fighting someone else, or on someone who is not fighting, should count as an attack, especially if they ask you to stop and you don't (it does not constitute an attack to use these on someone who is attacking you):
o Push
o Pull
o Drain
* Purposefully damaging someone with your lightsaber's automatic 1hp damage ticks for an extended period of time, such as following a person with your lightsaber on or running up to them with your lightsaber on and standing there as they take damage, should count as an attack. If someone has their lightsaber on, and YOU walk up to THEM to purposefully take damage from their lightsaber, this does not count.
* Purposefully trying to get in the way of someone who is fighting other people or who is practicing against no one to get "attacked" by that person does not count as being attacked.

A couple special circumstances:

* Purposefully or repetitively getting in someone's way who is fighting someone else gives the fighting person the right to kill you.
* If someone is fighting someone else or practicing against no one, and you start to attack them, and they never purposefully attack you and put their saber away and make it clear they don't want to fight, then you do not have the right to continue to attack them or kill them and it is laming to do so. But if they do purposefully attack back even for a little while, you have the right to kill them even if they stop fighting during the fight.


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PostSubject: Re: auto admin    Sun 03 Jul 2011, 12:42 pm

I think you Should Be keeping Auto Admin Not Only Lame Protection But also Can help provide Security. Just think if you canceled Lame protection You will have More And More People Complain that they will keep on keep on getting lamed because if they dont get punished they would just repeat after repeat.

Ass this will result to see that sol doesn't punish if they lame I think we keep it. Because I see merC kill People for no such reason maybe he was sick of people lamming and wanted him to be punished Since there probable was no admin around. In A Result You have only Herd MerC side Of the Story So i Don't think it's Fair to take Action if you Don't Know What Went On Properly. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: auto admin    Sun 03 Jul 2011, 7:20 pm

well kernow it was a player i never saw but he it looks that he dont play for long i tried to give his name but when i wanted to look at xfire he already disconnected but because he was playing like that more people started to attack him. but thnx kernow.
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PostSubject: Re: auto admin    

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auto admin
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