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 <3 !

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Ajunta Pall

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PostSubject: <3 !   Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:42 pm

Hey everyone, how’s ya. Today is long day, like everyday has been for about 4 weeks now. Yep, second college year has started now. It’s hard, takes much time, much work, and, takes all my mind. But even tho there’s this in my, you’re all still in my heart, indeed. I realized it lately cuz not playing with you all makes me understand how I like spending time with my team, my friends, which i can’t talk with anymore, have fun or many things like that.

I know I’ve been quite trash many times with my clan friends and etc, and most times uncalled for, I wanna say sorry for it, dunno why really, but I feel like saying it, and missing you all makes me in love mood ^^.

For all those things told on me, about I’m unlegit, I’m bastard with most people, and those people I call scrubs, cuz they act like that not my fault ^^, but I know it might be harsh to tell it, wasn’t I one too at a time ? Very Happy. If I’m not cool with people, it’s because I’m in sol, a clan which apparently doesn’t fit to me, which makes all people saying to me that I’m not a true sol partially true, and I have ideals/concepts of the game which arn’t the same than most of mah teamates. Indeed I have a certain cult for skill, I spend much time training, but all in all, I just play jk2 in all aspects it has, cuz I love that game, and this is where it makes ununderstanding : fighting like an euro, but being in sol community, and acting ( sometimes ) like a “scrub” ^^, makes it wrong for most people. But i still like much the community part, i participated at the very beggining of the building of this forum, remember ! and i've always been defending fair play ( yes i've, because now i don't care anymore lol ( when it's against me ofc, i don't like people cheating like asses vs noobs Sad )).
So, I think from now I’ll stop not respecting all those sol which whine all the time, cuz I can understand and acept that way people see the game, even more that the major factor is not to be forgotten, is the age. Much whiners are 12 or 13 years old, they don’t have maturity to care themselves and understand fondamental principes of jk2, which make of them indeed newbies, and by being newbs, what I call “scrub” Very Happy! but in fact, it’s normal, so I understood there’s nothing to be chocked by. Just have to accept it the way it is.
Now, for all the people saying I’m not legit, it’s a lie !! Very Happy, lemme explain each little thing I do :
ks ? Lemme tell you my story in jk2 ( maybe I’ll make a chapter for the bios ^^ )
When I was young ( maybe 9 or 10 years old ), my bro was playing jk2, but the sp, and I loved that game, cuz I’ve always been a starwars lover, and being able to manipulate force and saber in the was I want, made me fascinated. So 2 years ago ( was 15 then ), I dled jk2, and played it again. And as I was older and had already played few mp games, I decided to try the mp. Here I came, and joined the servers with more people : was ATS at this time. I remember my first day, I was only aware of blue saber spam and storm, and some pros were on server, and they just killed me with few tpk, so ofc, I cried, and called them CHEATERS, then I rqed. I came back 2 or 3 days laters, and people laughed at me, so I just asked someone to show me how to do that, and here was H20, wearing swamptrooper skin, he explained me, have to kick twice fast, and I tried, I didn’t manage at start, was upsetting me, so I tried faster, it worked, so I was in temple of yavin, and he asked me to kick wall to wall, and to never miss a kick. Ofc I couldn’t chain more than 3 or 4 good kicks, but afer some minutes training, I went up to 5 then 10 then 15 good kicks, I was happy Smile. So then he said, now let’s train, we went at “rock”, and we made kick duels, with no force ( no pk eh, just kick ), and we trained like this for some hours. Later I understood it was a clan server, ATS one, and I met first ats members : ak47 ( old siny ^^ ), blueninja, ali3n, lusantlueg. It’s at this part that I started loving the mp of jk2 : meeting such nice people which whom to talk to about anything, and playing, as if jk2 was a cyber life, I was a jedi among an academy with friends Smile. After a time, I met nickdeclaw, and as I was interested by the kicking stuff, he learnt me pk. Each day I came, it was holidays for both of us, so we played about 3 or 4 hours every days, training only pk. At start he explaing me each detail of the basic pk : stay in the same axe, and in hangar he got me a bot with bubble, and I first trained going from one side of the hangar to the other, using pk only, so bringing the bot with me. After a time, I was able to chain enough kicks to travel whole hangar. I was happy ! So then, I started to train with nick : we went in training, and he taught me how to fight with pk. He explained me how to make a good pull kick, whatever is my position / my target, being in any angle. Through pk he explained me basic jk2 physics, letting me understand why I had to do stuffs or such, and then I made it well. And with time going, I got better and better ( but still being newb ^^ ), and he introduced to me more and more pk. At some point, I was upset by the difficulty to kick, so I tried different configs, ending on mouse2 to jump, and I asked him, he said : ofc it’s better, but you’ll need new config and you’ll need to get used to it. So I made up new config, from the standart one to this : Moving : standart awsd, crouch : shift, force : 1234fc, alt : st, pull : space, mouse2 : jump. If you notice well, this position makes me play with 4th 3rd 2nd fingers on moving, thumb on space for pull, and right hand to kick : so I didn’t have to move my hands at all to make a pk chain, I could move in any direction to pk, so I could have best timings. That’s how I learnt basics of pk.

Later, I decided to be in “master's” clan, so I applied for sol, and within 2 weeks after posting my recruiting application, I had a poll for members made by lusan, one of my best friends in jk2 ( from mexico, he came to versailles last year, we met irl :p ), and I got accepted with all Yes votes, and I was a full ATS. My training went up, and I had a bit more skills with time, many friends, a clan which I loved, and the best master.

Later I discovered it is possible to make custom maps in jk2, using the good software. I had much inspiration, many projects, so proposed my ideas on forum, and people said me to do it, so I did it. I downloaded the soft, read tutos, and started to map by myself. Purple_vinegar, and old ats members ( who was young but very smart ), helped me for my first experimentations, and the glass box where is council and bar in zoned come from his idea, which I later updated. For about 2 week we mapped non stop, I remember mapping from 11pm to 8am with him, then seeing it’s already day outside, and being disgusted to have to sleep a bit. ATS zoned v1 came out : it was shit map, but people liked it, and I understood I had to make the same but way better. So I started v2 : here came acrobat ! I can’t remember how I met him, but I tried to get introduced to him, eventually managed, and he taught me many things about shaders ( btw, the waterfall shader was made by purple Smile ), about brushing and etc, and he made me get gtk radiant instead of jk2 radiant ^^. And in mid september, v2 was out, perfect, and I was proud.
But problems came by :/ I had some problems with herny-JK, don’t know why, but he didn’t like me, and outcast was defending me. Several times herny was very hard to me, saying many bad things but nothing justified, nothing really true, but they got me really sad, and outcast kept saying it’s my fault cuz I didn’t act good. I never understood, so first time I just let it go by. But It started again, and this time I got mad, and understood who outcast is ( at this time siny was already out of ats, and he had already training from good euros, and he explained me many things that I didn’t know, which others knew from outside, this where comes what I kept saying during following year, which was that I explored jk2 and knew things etc etc ^^ ). So I made a topic, about 3 or 4 pages long ( like big xaso’s posts lol ). Outcast was defended by kyle, and I was defended by blueninja, ref, pip, lusan, and some others. A 12 pages topic was on, and outcast posted only one time, insulting us with his favorite insults, and he deleted topic. This abuse made me more mad than ever, aswell as blue, and I openend second topic. This one was no more about arguing, but about insults : ref and blue vs herny and kyle. I must tell you, it was really epic battle Very Happy! At the end, 6 ats members followed me out of ATS, and we created ZoF ( zealots of freedom ). Boss helped us, he was happy to see ats having a first split, and azzy supported us as well ( trying to get us in FFA btw lol ). Less than a month later, no more ats forum, no more server … No one will never really know what happened I believe, but I remember that almost all members gathered, and decided to make final split : here new ATS was born. Later you know the events which built sol. My role in all that ? not more than others, I think I just created a basic conflict in ats spreadin minds in 2 tho clan was still united, but outcast made final split by dividing for real the clan.

Then next, my history in jk2 isn’t really interesting, it was mainly much confusion between “sol or not sol”? had many conflicts with euros and us at same time, so been long isolation period, playing just with few dfi friends : slayer and siny. At this time I trained the most, from beginning 2010 to junuary 2011, I went up to top 5 ( us + euro ), best fighting period when fod had often many good players on ( FF and dfi were still much active, and boss wasn’t abusing yet so it wasn’t possible to make 3v2 or 10v2, who cared, we just played and had all our fun in every sides, cuz indeed even 10v2 was fun for slay and me lol ( even tho It was only once Sad ). When this time ended, I came back sol, to get more in peace, and since then I had no major conflic with sol, so I havn’t left for 9 months now, longest ever lol.

To come back on cheating part, no I don’t ks, cuz I worked much kicks, from the part I told about nick and his teachings/trainings, and then I trained myself alone, trying to kick everything I can, like stairs for example, since the day I realized that it’s possible to kick stairs without ks, and then I trained, kicking faster and faster, cuz I made it a reflex to be really fast on mouse2 ( and btw, if I’d ks, my kicks would be 21/22 according to my fps, and I often need 6 kicks in pk fights to kill my opponent, so this could be enough as evidence ^^ ), so i have a good kick, but not as fast as mwheel or ks, the main difference being how regular is click speed and how fast it is. Then about aim, aim came by training much vs siny, who has a good aim on slashs, so it needed me to always focuse, cuz the only way to match a good slash, is to aim as well, so either it parries either we both get as much damages, so I trained slashing all the time, and then I learnt to time my slashs, so that the hit comes when I want were I want, that’s why when azzy says : your slashs always hit, it’s because I make it hit o_o’! Also, i played much day of defeat, which is a ww2 fps game, using rifles, but one shot rifles, with reload time between each shot, so it needs perfect aim, as the shot goes exactly where you aim at, if you're not on your target exactly, you fail, so it made me train to aim fast and well ( yep, all of this is just about training, the ones playing the most are the bests, it's normal lol ). Then for wall hax : there is one technic to see through walls, is to get dynamic lights on ( which is default config ), so that you can see saber glow on surfaces, so someone close to a wall will have a saber glow, and when you’re in cave for example, you can see saber glow from the other side of the wall, and then know someone is there. Also when you hide behind a wall, if you’re close enough to the corner and get the good view angle, you can see the corridor without being in it, and so not being seen for the other side ( works even against people with evc lol ). And for hp hax, well there’s no real trick, it’s just that if the guy starts running, you can believe he’s low hp lol.

So all this to say, that battle with euros and this different way of playing opened another way of thinking in me, giving me so many troubles with sol, cuz I had the feeling that the perception of sol was wrong about euros, and that sol didn’t understand what means “fighting can be fun”. But then I stoped caring about all that, so w/e scrubs whinners cheaters etc, who cares, I just play, and that’s all, and that's why i want to be nice now.

So, this is all, dunno why I tell all that, I believe I just wanted to talk, just wanted to tell you all that, and know that the bad Aju is no more, only a cool Aju now Smile
I love you all, remember this !
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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 12:20 am

so u basically gave us your history about your interest in jk2, and the u say after all the scrubing u did on people, that u want to be nice? Im down with that lol
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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 1:05 am

No need to be good or bad "Ajunta Pall", just "Ajunta Pall" is fine. By the way, I can't imagine the boredom you had to have to write something this big.
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Kernow Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 2:25 am

We've always appreciated you for being who you are when you're a SoL Aju ^_^

<3 u 2 Razz

Admiral AckbarIT'S A TRAP!

Onen hag Oll
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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 7:05 am

I'd love the cool aju Smile

Pfavex'asomu'ridano Article

my sig is watching your sig O.o
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Sith Adept
Sith Adept

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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 1:38 am

Poor Aju, noone wants to make another long post in response to this one. I love you too Aju, never change... we all rage at one point
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Jedi Master
Jedi Master

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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 12:21 pm

Cool story bro.

Nice to have you back.
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PostSubject: Re: <3 !   

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<3 !
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