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 On Tim's reapproval

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PostSubject: On Tim's reapproval   Wed 31 Jul 2013, 8:19 am

First topic message reminder :

I can't leave it like this. I know most of you hold a fairly favourable view of Tim and regard him as a friend, but with his poll running, I feel an urge to share my negative opinion of him. I'm going to include excerpts from his PMs, since he said "Idk Iggy, my cards are pretty fly a kite open right now". Plesase take some time and re-read the topics I linked to.

First time leaving the clan - http://soljk2.forumotion.com/t4213-departure
I would like to point out he used studying for exams as one of the reasons for his decision:

Tim wrote:
This year at school will be a difficult and trying time for me....and this is neccessary for me....as painful as it is. I swear to you all that I will come back wiser and stronger than ever before....but for now it is my studies that rank top priority.

Soon, it was revealed indirectly that he joined HACKS. His relation:

Tim wrote:

Okay here is the deal. I didn't explain it to Micr0 so he already hates me. I am at Hacks to learn how to mod, map, and how to use admin controls. I did not betray you, I don't plan too. There are those angry at me. Please don't be. That is the last thing I ever wanted to happen. I also didn't realize that McMonkey is waaaaaay too attached to him admin powers. I was also promised high level that still has not been presented to me. Let me put this in an analogy for you: You are promised all of the candy in a candy store but then you get there and they only give you one piece and then tell you that they don't trust you. So I was screwed xD.

Studying was a made-up justification - have in mind that he joined us a few weeks later, and I'm certain he didn't drop out of school. So he lied.
McMonkey's remark:

mcmonkey wrote:
And it has nothing to do with his leaving either way. A newer member mistakenly promised him immediate council membership and high rank upon joining, and when he didn't get it, he ragequit.

Some more lying:

Ezio wrote:
if you will just relax, and not use HACKS and AoF for our modding capability's. Nice to know your using us, as you said you were using SoL for combat training. For now, Yes, I brake my promise, because you do not seem to have the proper criteria to lead the clan in the direction wanted.

Rejoining - http://soljk2.forumotion.com/t4407-betrayal-i-am-an-obvious-idiot
Not much here to explicitly comment.

Second time leaving - http://soljk2.forumotion.com/t4871-not-my-choice-1-year-of-fair-play-equality-and-democracy

Tim wrote:
So becuase of that, I have decided to leave JK2, probably forever. I feel great remorse, mostly because I have so many friends, all over this game, and now I have to walk away from it. School is really a priority for me now, and if I work hard enough in sports and the classroom, I could be in line for a football scholarship. This has been somewhat of a Revelation for me, as I was able to experience what people all over the world are like, and I have learned a great deal that will benefit me in the future. This isn't a rage quit or me abandoning ship, I just feel like I have finally come to grips with reality.

He said that because of his studies he's leaving the game. Not the clan, the game. Compare the last sentence with these lines from his PM:

Tim wrote:

I helped AoF break from HACKS. It was basically like the ATS SoL split, just obviously much smaller (but lots of drama nonetheless). I built the AoF forum while I was still in SoL, I didnt ever plan on leaving, but SoL started to die, and soon I was the only active on the server for a while.

You get the picture, I panicked and figured I'd be clan hunting in a bit anyway. But SoL lived, and I regretted it the whole past year I've been running AoF.

Desire to play with active players is perfectly fine, but he covered up with a lie. His studies are, again, an excuse.

Sometime after Tim left SoL, there was a rumour that he might be playing in AoF. Tim claims that he purposefully let Teddy share the news that he's now known as Leonardo, but I *know* that's not how it went. I was on AoF then, and I with no doubts recall how disappointed Tim was that he'd been found out. I want to get something across: it is a great thing Tim ran a community, but he was utterly dishonest in the process.

I am not against people rejoining. If you take a look at Zelah's posts, he stated why he would leave and why he's trying to rejoin. He was honest. Now check what Tim said. In our PM exchange, I pointed that out too, and said that Zelah had played his cards open. In Tim's opinion, he himself is doing the same. Why is there a rift between his words in PMs and on public forums ?

There was one more thing that affirmed my negativity. A long time ago I visited AoF, and started challenging its members to duels. Tim was online, and I threw him the gauntlet too. I was fighting incredibly well that time, with nice long-lasting drags and blue/yellow swipes which hit. One third into the duel Tim abruptly brought his chatbox up, and then a small explosion spawned in front of him (some member command). The duel prolonged mercilessly, and I was pushed into defensive blue. I lost the duel, him at ~45/0. I burst with anger, and not simply due to losing an important match I thought I played so well in. I was certain that he cheated. The sound effects don't lie - if I hear a long sequence of that crisp flesh burning sound, I know that the drag was executed well. I was completely convinced that he should have died from all that damage. When I brought forth the accusation, all I got in return was acting innocent and making me look like a fool.
In today's PM:

Tim wrote:

Mmmm you know what I just remembered our last encounter. Sorry I'm slow to remember. You accused me of cheating in a duel on server right? You got pretty mad. I remember now. Yeah I used a bacta mid battle, I'm sorry about that.

I guess the explosion was there to mask the bacta healing sound. Tim said it without me pushing him and that has some significance, but that confession is way overdue. Besides, now that he acknowledged it, I can share the situation without the doubts I had. I sincerely think that with what he's done he should no longer be able to wear our tag. I'm not telling you to cancel your friendships.
If you guys think I'm presenting my own version of our dispute here, I will be more than happy to publish our whole PM conversation. I can play my cards open. This topic is placed in Member Chat so that the drama doesn't spill to non-members - Tim has sympathy here and he ought to be notified that it's here.
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Sith Lord
Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Re: On Tim's reapproval   Wed 14 Aug 2013, 11:24 pm

Congratulations Razz
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Kernow Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: On Tim's reapproval   Mon 26 Aug 2013, 5:33 am

I read through this one.

Iggypop it's a shame you had a disagreement. I've been in that boat a few times with a couple of applicants. You eventually have things work out in development of they do later on.

Nice to have you with us again Tim Smile

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Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight

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PostSubject: Re: On Tim's reapproval   Mon 26 Aug 2013, 2:51 pm

Nice to see you again boss Smile

Igrom wrote:
the thought you'd ever pass a cyan examination is hilarious.

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PostSubject: Re: On Tim's reapproval   

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On Tim's reapproval
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