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 JK2 riddles

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PostSubject: JK2 riddles   Wed 13 Nov 2013, 12:16 pm

First topic message reminder :

Poetry has grown on this forum, but we have not explored everything. Make up some JK2-or-not related riddles and have us boggled.

Unsolved Riddles (27. November 00:50MET)

Some say secret I may be
I wonder though what you actually see
Not many people heard of me
But what about thee?
Sheared in half I am worthless
because then I am useless
Answer your I await
karma for winner as a bait

A foundation of four holds me strong
whilst a fathers hand keeps my life prolonged
Yet colors inspire much in me
if you were color blind the color you could not see
You all know me well
A friend I was before Tee fell
Young and youthful I am compared to my brother
but my brother fought me from one to another
As the passing of cast and Stow
The Bell was ringing hear it Ho

Many of you are not favouring me
But I'm just trying my best as you see:
I change banal things like cocktails and such
into some stars, that are courteous much.

Even in this digital game you find me.
It holds no real humans or objects, they are all simulated for a killing spree.
There is no real blood, it are red pixels.
Some things resemble a bed.
i provoke a sense of nation in reality, only created by humanity.

Past Riddles:
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PostSubject: Re: JK2 riddles   Tue 21 Feb 2017, 12:50 pm

Better riddle. I am an object that if used properly will let you rise to the top, If used incorrectly however will send you to the grave. (SoL Server related)
That hint likely made it too easy, but it's too vague otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: JK2 riddles   Fri 09 Jun 2017, 5:49 pm

Unsolved for too long... Had to do a reminder.
And no Xemnas, It's not Cheese.
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PostSubject: Re: JK2 riddles   

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JK2 riddles
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