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 Exit the bio, enter the history.

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PostSubject: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 7:34 am

I have noticed the interest of SoL to reading and saving the history of their jk2 players, even if it is short
or very long. This will be my jedi knight 2 history.

It started with nothing ;
The first time i ever went online with jedi knight 2 outcast would have been around 2008 without a nickname.
I entered one of the populated servers not paying attention to its name to find players fighting around in what
we could call a lamefest. I made no chance, had no chance, stood no chance an exited it to not return.

However, around the start of 2012 i returned to starwars the video game as i decided jk2 to be the ultimate
in starwars gaming when i finished the single-player for the n'th time.

Usualy when i am not in a clan i play like a standard chilled player, especially on a game like jk2 with so
manny unwritten rules and a tight community. At that time i was roaming the CA and EoD servers while
playing duels and fre for alls at a much lower level of insight then i would have had in 2013. Logically because
i had not develloped that insight yet. On the CA server there where tons of people playing 24/7 and i had
days where i was on for hours upon hours because i was hooked to the game. The jk2 matrix had me.

On the CA server i had a few idiots that where against me while other seemed to like me, so i first started
thinking about joining CA but eventually i thought i was not a clan player, and that i would not fit into
the entire internet gaming community ways. My drive to play at all costs even if i would lose led to some
profound nicknames of that time to start showing me some in and outs which i adopted on the spot.

Eventually i got noticed by some players which started to lure me into the clan buisiness but i rejected.
i always stated "i play for fun, i suck at this game so i will not fit into the competitive ways." But by all
logic i did not formulate it that directly. For months on hold i just played like a rogue JK2 player and
a bit like an outcast with an cold attitude towards binding towards a clan or player base.

Somewhere in 2012 EoD Nosferatu told me i was a cool and fun player, and noted to me that there is
this wonderfull but very small clan left from the old days which resurected and was looking for
players like me. After a few days of thinking he got me to join and i started training the RED style
under his care. EoD was based around the red style as stated by the leader and Nos while at the
time CA was full of yellow and blue. NoS took a week or so to get me up and running and all of a
sudden thanks to him i was fighting people i never thought to be beatable on any server.

I quikly became Eximius, the odd player with odd jokes and an odd playstyle.

Here i kind of lose the timeline as SoL took over for me on jk2 and i started losing attention to
my past jk2 clan activity.

After EoD me and Nosferatu went on to enter CE, they welcomed EoD members because it
was decided that EoD could have reached an end status as the leader had no time to manage
it at the same rate as before. Circle of Enmity at that time became the ├╣most used server of
jk2 with a clan base roughly double of others. The players where all very fun and nice, while
the management tried its best keep it that way. In cE i grew to another top of my skills but i
was still not even close to any level of older players and they like it, bacause i showed to
others that you can play jk2 even if you are not a grey bearded 400 years old deity of jk2.

Together with bakedninja and some of the admins i had a great time, but i got to invested
into the clan at one point and started to notice irregular behaviour towards me and others.
Elitism started to kick in and everybody at the top of the clan started to become realy nervous
and inflated while nobody knew why. Yet i used the in game chat to spawn text to lure people
into joining that great clan ; "join cE now the clan about friendship and fun." it seemed to have
effect as even baked began to do that and eventually people actually started to join. And
without them knowing it, and me never telling them i started to work the politics behind the
scene. I went to other clan servers and started to chat about co-operating with cE and i know
for a fact that some clan co-operations (alliances) where possible and one happened because
they came to the cE servers to investigate after i worked the strings. I never got a thank you or
a reward out of it because i never told anyone at that time and nobody mentioned it.

Eventually i played in a clan which could easilly be called the giant of jk2, the biggest the baddest,
the best.

By the time the clan was at its ultimate member top there where outsiders, yes for some odd reason
everybody including me in the clan started to look at 'outsiders', as everybody was at war with each
other. There where reports of DOS atacks going around from people attempting to destroy the clan its
base. There was literally propaganda on the server and outside about hacking, DoS attacks, and
moderators messing with the connection of members and 'outsiders' they hate. After a while the
servers began to experience raids of players comming in, insulting, spreading messages of hate,
attacking everything, to then pop off. This entire buisiness went so far that i know how 'angsty'
ninja and the others became. Every irregular IP adress was monitored before it had the time to
fully connect, and playesr comming in and yelling 'P...phile' crap did not help at all.

If there is one thing i can not and will not tollerate is bland talk about that type of things even
remotely close to anything i connect with and this made me go bannana to...

I know this part of my playing history inroughly 3 years can get long, but it shaped me in jk2
to become what i am or was now. A clown fooling around and not taking anything serious.

At that time Xfire and voice chat where all the rage for CE, but the broken attitude that started
to rise got me in my nerves and made things fall apart for me. People where talking about crap
that was racist or could be confused with realy bad stuff. And guys screaming i am going to hack
this, i am going to hack that, and then laughing with and at everybody pushed me away.
Especially the Ip collecting part got me on my nerves beyond acceptable for a game.

Weeks later people started to note firewall problems, disconnects, and clear signs of hacks
on their network. One guy his router got fried... So eventually i xfired bakedninja to report
abnormal lude behaviour inside of the clan its core and before i even did that two sides of
cE moderating happened ; side A versus side B.

Side A yelled abuse, racism, elitism and baked being fooled and manipulated into allowing it, side B
yelled get the funk out or be forced out. I was on the side i rate C, inbetween both sides trying to fix
what went broken by xfire and hidden assisting. As a moderator i went sour at that time as anybody
yelling P..phile and HACk had to suffer my wrath, and when a moderator did that i banned him.
Baked went insane, and so did side B and i explained it all while side B suddenly went silent and hid for
a few days. 3 sides started investigating the core of the clan and discovered severe problems nobody could
bring home or put to word ; something was off beyond off and nobody could pinpoint it.

Stripped from moderator and administrator powers i became a target for side B, receiving pm's
and messages about tracing me and killing me. tracing me and using it to put me on a list of offenders
by spoofing my adress. Now eevrything was set in motion and the clan started to suffer from corrupt
moderators and admins while bakedninja clearly faded away. he was a manipulated byproduct.
sad for him because he was a damn kind good man in game.

at that point i hated Ce, i hated everybody on jk2, i hated it and went offline for long periods.
Then an admin of side B took me by surprise and trolled me with the idea od getting me to quit jk2
alltogether as i was a sick stupid perverted idiot they wanted to get rid off. i snapped and the first other
guy to mingle got the racism card and i yelled NIGER in the chat. everything exploded, bakedninja was
baffled and surprised and when i left at that day i took a quarter of the clan with me... do not funk with
popular people in a clan on a player base and not an admin level of popular because you have power.

Eventually i transfered to UG or CB, i forgot the order of things and went on to become EXI. From there on
normal jk2 gaming started to boot up again and i made contact with fantastic players in UG whom
saved jk2 for me while cE went down to the fishes to break and disapear. Baked even posted an appology
on his site for whatever went wrong around his life and jk2 for things i did not follow.

And as time dictates i ended up in SoL, and maybe i will fill in some blanks later. Smile
*typos trademarked ; ExiDux.
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Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 8:02 am

quite a story there. fun reading it though Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 8:06 am

You are still weird, Eximius :3

~SoL HC Admin
~SoL FA Admin

Nelson Mandela wrote:
No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 8:20 am

I am always baffled how many things happen in jk2 which I never knew of, even if they happened during the time I was here!
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 8:31 am

I do not hate bakedninja and i did not want to damage his attempt at rebooting his clan but currently as time passed
and things chilled i see no harm in documenting that part of my jk2 history and explaining why i became jumpy
around stuff in jk2... it somehow stuck with me making me base my entire jk2 gaming on it for a full year...

i might still be that JK2 outsider with a short and odd history in the jk2 community but somehow i played a role somewhere.
but i do not care anyways, forget me or not. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 1:45 pm

Sounds like you had a great run with JK2 and with SoL so far!

I think history is never the same to anyone. Everyone has their own story and how they put their perspective on it changes what history is to them and what people think it is. I think I will make my history post one day but when I feel I have achieved my highest goal and who knows that might change as time goes on.
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Thu 04 Sep 2014, 3:37 pm

Proballboy wrote:
Sounds like you had a great run with JK2 and with SoL so far!

I think history is never the same to anyone. Everyone has their own story and how they put their perspective on it changes what history is to them and what people think it is. I think I will make my history post one day but when I feel I have achieved my highest goal and who knows that might change as time goes on.

Well this perspective is exactly how i felt and experienced jk2, if you would call it an perspective then this would be the perspective
of looking trough my eyes. Smile

But this is my piece of the puzzle, add the pieces of others their experience and you get the whole picture if they do not add false
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   Fri 05 Sep 2014, 3:27 am

Interesting read mate!
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PostSubject: Re: Exit the bio, enter the history.   

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Exit the bio, enter the history.
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