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 Leaving SoL

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Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior

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PostSubject: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 2:39 am

Oh boy how do I start this. I've talked about this a couple times to a few people. Though I think even they will be surprised I'm doing this sooner then what I've said. I thought about this a lot for the past few months, the last few days I've been discussing with some people, and then yesterday was just me thinking about it for the most part. It's hard to find words to say this all over again. SoL sadly isn't the same as it used to be. From activity to just plain old server fun. Some of you may recall when I was going to "leave jk2" there were a few mentions of doing "events or other stuff". Now did that happen? No it didn't. And before you ask me "Why didn't you just do it?", some of you may also recall that I've tried organizing a Total Tournament once, and it failed, never to be finished. Reason being hardly anyone did their fights. Everything was set up to the best of my ability but I failed. (I had looked at every participant's timezone and then compared the hour differences with each fighter they had to fight, and then gave some leeway of course in case someone would be busy. But even that didn't help.) Point is I suck at organizing. lol As you've seen quite a few of us have lost interest in the game. And to be honest I thought I might've too, but after spending some time on LoD (you can probably see where this is going), it really reminded me of the old days. I know this may just be a burst of activity for them, but I really don't want to think that. If LoD were to die out, it's basically only SoL left. Yes SoL may return with activity once again, but I'm sure you've all noticed that with each inactivity and burst of activity there are less and less people coming back. I just lost my train of thought. lol Another thing I should mention is, we were doing some server stuff, but we are now back to doing things on the forum. (medal votation phase to be specific) If you think about it, is that really a necessity? Look at how many people are active. A person doesn't need a medal in order for them to feel something. The people around you complimenting you for your good work is more than enough. In the past when we had newer members they would think "I want to get a medal!" or "It's not fair he got it but I didn't!". But we don't have new members now do we? lol I'm not sure how much of this will make sense in the end, I'm just saying what comes to mind really. (I never prepare anything for something like this, I feel like perhaps more emotion/feeling can be put into on the spot). But yea, server activity right now is the biggest issue, and it's very important. Forum stuff can wait. No one will die if they don't get a medal, just continue telling that person you're doing a good job, and one day you'll get that medal. Think I've ran out of things to say. lol What I mean by this whole mess is, I wouldn't want to quit jk2 over all this, if I sadly must leave SoL to still be able to play every once in a while when people are there then I would prefer to do that. One last thing, what do you guys want to do about the Dropbox thing? I would happily continue sharing it. But I understand if you say no since I won't be in the clan anymore. As for HC, well I'm sure someone will be happy to get that. It really is a different experience than DC admin.

I hope you guys do alright. Even though I've left once to go to AoF, it's still hard for me to go again. Lot's of good memories here. All of those will remain of course. I don't dare to forget any of this. I'll miss you guys, it really was a blast. I'm not sure where this road in jk2 will take me, but I hope you guys understand and wish me luck.

Wish you guys luck and activity. (and new members! Smile ) ^^

~Your friendly Sith Lord Vader (or Caderz ^^)

PS: I forgot about my videos. lol I will continue to upload more videos, but I probably won't post here in the public section. But idk maybe I will post here, we'll see. But if either you're subscribed to me or followed on Twitter, or know what my youtube link is (check frequently, like once a day) then you'll be updated that way. (Sorry to end on such a weird note. lol)


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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 3:19 am

So are you leaving to join LoD or something? I think LoD's time will fade just like the other 'busy' clan servers, LOL, Fod, JiP etc etc. SoL has stayed busy throughout except at the beginning of 2015 where JK2 itself was dead for a month or two. I think we will have activity back again, its just a lull. But it's your choice at the end of the day and I wish you well whatever you do, you'll be missed here.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 3:42 am

Vader, you still didnt explain why you cannot just play on LoD with Meanie while being in SoL at the same time. Do they ban our tag? Do they pick on you for being in a nob clan? I dont get it.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 4:39 am

Well I don't much understand. So this is the reason why you were often ignoring me recent weeks and told me instead that it was bit weird for you recently? That you feared it will suddenly slip out of you or you feared what I would reply? I don't know if I am correctly wording it, but the silent treatment you were giving me was worrying me. Well there it goes.
I tried to chat with you, asking you how you are doing, wanting to play with you, having ANY fun, generally I tried to care, and this is what I get. Silent treatment (with who you actually discussed this? According to people's reaction here so far I am guessing it is not Epic nor Xaso, probably just  Meanie) and this.

"Plain server fun" was probably what everyone wanted. Having duels, ffa, chatting. We were having weekly NF tourneys firstly organized by our polish friends and then by Epic. And how many people were coming each time and having fun. Did you forget all this?

Besides that, you are again talking about activity and organizing stuff. But you can't force people to play something when they don't want to play it. Maybe it would be best just to let them play and playing improvised events. I am not sure if you noticed it, but whole past year (maybe with exception of first two months last year) our server averaged 10-15 people on. Daily! There were days we had 20+ people on, I even remember day with 30 people on! It made our server #3 in GT, #1 in JK2.
You can't blame lower activity now, people want to play a while something else too. Having a break, or enjoy something else meanwhile or need to finish exams, dunno, and then they return.

Also talking about proportion of how many medal winners out of all nominations doesn't serve sole purpose of changing something. It serves also for bringing people to forums. And if you are still missing the sense of this effort, then I give you a hint. If people see forums active it is sign for them for continuous/continuing activity and may motivate them to bring some of their activity. Dead forum servers no purpose. Imagine now you are totally random player or older inactive member now returning. And you are just looking at forums where nothing is happening. It may not be very motivating then.

I wanted to duel you for cyan flame. And you wanted it too. You deserved cyan flame long ago and you just had less luck in those duels (and maybe it was fault of the system that ranking up depends solely in being successful in a duel. The system is faulty, but I am not sure if it is worth of returning to the mess we had here that time - but when I look back there, how much forum activity it brought here, bit paradox). If you leave, and will return, your max rank will be yellow since you are blue flame. So you will need to be going through 3 months of yellow and then 4 months of blue, again. Very motivating, if you will want to get cyan flame. Did you think of this?

But what about me then? It puts me to same complicated situation I faced when I was trying to rank up from yellow. Year and half I was at yellow, and nearly gave up due to month-by-month continuing heavy lag spikes. But I went through. Started searching for fitting member to duel with, but there was no one. So Light helped me and I managed to win the duel.

Couple of weeks later I decided to post my cyan app, maybe you guys might think it was bit early, but taking into account how incredibly long previous cyan apps took, and my own experience at yellow flame, I decided to post anyway. I am still not much happy that I post probably the most important app here and it gets silent treatment from everyone (but that's probably different story).

So I started looking for someone who can help me with ffa (I'd like to improve at least a bit). And also for fitting member, from blue flames best would be you because BDL (aside of that he isn't active now) would likely prove too strong, so would definitely Hektor and Rachel but ultimately I would at least help her rank up. From cyan flames would probably be best Light again, then Epic maybe, then Xaso I guess. So thanks for putting me into tough situation (maybe I should rather blame faulty system because my commitment likely reaches far behind cyan but since it is about duels ..).

Just like others said, not sure how long LoD will last if will. But I am putting forward too the fact that SoL survived everything, whether it was Split, or Inactivity several years ago or less active beginnings of year, other groups were splitting, coming and leaving but SoL is still here. We have the strongest integrity. And you helped creating and maintaining it. Think of that.

And re-think your intention to leave too, please. It won't make things easier. Leaving a group is barely the best thing how to maintain or boost some activity. I am not sure what you think you can expect in LoD, you talked about "plain server fun" here. LoD is doing just NF. Think of that too.
Still, your choice it is, you would be greatly missed here. Just as I miss chatting with you.

P.S., About dropbox, I have nothing against you keeping it. About videos I can move our sections into public so the continuity is kept.

~SoL HC Admin
~SoL FA Admin

Nelson Mandela wrote:
No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 3:02 pm

Don't worry, LoD's fad will die out in a couple months then some other clan will start up again Razz

All jokes aside, it's not the clans that are dead...it's the game that's dead.

^^ If anybody would like to argue that, please tell me how many servers there are on the list and how many of them are actually used. I rest my case.

Although I still wear my JJ tags; I don't really consider myself in a clan-environment because of how inactive "we" are. And then people ask me to join SoL / LoD and the only thing I can say in return is "What's the point?". You don't have to join a clan to play on a server. And I know you understand that. And I'm not judging you in any way for joining LoD because I respect everyone's decision no matter how drastic it may be.

But it can be difficult when you become torn apart and don't really know what to do. I just want to make sure you're 100% okay with doing this.

Obviously I am not in SoL, but I have become well affiliated with quite a few of your members over the last few years and I've also become well affiliated with LoD quite recently as well (being friends with some of their members for years as well now). Both are a group of nice people.

Do what you think feels right.
But the most important thing to remember is that nothing is forever.

JK2 should just be something you have fun with and not take super seriously (at least in my perspective).
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   Sun 21 Feb 2016, 3:08 pm

miso does bring up alot of good points, and besides the fact we are all getting older. Sooner or later, real life comes into play and tells us to move toward a new direction..
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving SoL   

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Leaving SoL
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