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 2 /\/\aps The Big Boss told me to post here :oD

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PostSubject: 2 //aps The Big Boss told me to post here :oD   Wed 15 Jun 2016, 10:10 pm


PK3s, READMEs AND SCREENSHOTs at above addresses respectively.

Fulton St. Station is a medium sized FFA HOLOCRON JEDIMASTER train station with 2train platforms (stay off the tracks), a lobby, double dueling rooms at the end of the corridor and a trash compactor room with working crusher wall.

FFA CTF JEDIMASTER Kejimstein Valley isnt a valley at all. I took Duel Valley and put it in an attractive indoor arena setting and on either side up the red carpeted paths youll find a small section of the kejim oupost. Theres a generator room where you have to jump into one of the two big generator holes to be teleported into one of the kejim post sections. This map has flags for CTF.. Theyre really close together for super fast paced kick yer ass kinda CTF lol

Leave me some feedback Smile
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2 /\/\aps The Big Boss told me to post here :oD
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