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 ats is gone just like me.........

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PostSubject: ats is gone just like me.........   Sat 20 Mar 2010, 7:32 pm

First topic message reminder :

ok guys i dont need your tears or shit about me for leaving
kernow wanted me gone today so i thought i save him the trouble of having to shed tears to HC
yea im not the same as i was.....
im being kicked from the clan for high scripts and aim bots on a rock
im so sorry u guys i didnt know a rock was important to u guys u should have posted that some where o thats right u did some where in your mess of post that u have over some where that no one will ever see
have fun ATS guys that are still cool i hope u see the true the speack and if its not true let me just post it under this if u want to read y im leaving /kick

if u dont here is the last part

ATS gl wish u the best
just remember u guys = outcast if u cant see that yet u guys need to step back and watch your server........really look at it not from admin but from a player that is good.............take a diffrent perspective on the server........ik most of u wont take this to heart and do it but what ever its your loss
let me know how good u guys get in a 5 year old game i hope u guys move out of your parents house some day

IM LEAVing reason

im leaving for a few reasons

1)ats is to stricte about power
2)to sensitive
3)not open to any memeber opinion (dont give me that u werent here bs ive been here long enogh to know u guys.)
4)heavy aim bot and ks to a rock..........wow kernow u are cool u where the coolest ATS but u got admin cocky just like every one eles. watch the power
5)no0b clan at times.
6)no respect to pros/good players (y did u never think vort skriped he is better then most of u cant beleave u havnt banned him yet........ stay strong vort. rock that pk.
7)dont play this any more.
8)none of my friends are here or my friends any more.......

like i said up there GL HF DS
ill see you on the other side
this is probly my last post b4 i get banned for whats on here so PEACE! GodKillMore/TheReferee
signing out
loved the good times guys its just not there. . . . . hope to come back one day and see some good times..... i wish it was the same as the old day.... call... me....when u guys want to see ref.......over out.,...
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Jedi Adept
Jedi Adept

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PostSubject: Re: ats is gone just like me.........   Mon 22 Mar 2010, 9:35 am

So.... Hmm... Ok.... BB Smile.

Don't have a lot to say >.>. Iam not sitting here to begin a speech.... Iam here to get the lastest news and have fun Smile.

Anyway bye ref... I think u actually remember me with my old name O_o.... Got passed the previous ATS server a LOOOOONG while ago and I thought I saw you Razz. Uhm right, not past, present Razz.

So the present IS :

Good luck and have fun outside ATS ( and JK2?!?! ). *bow+hug* ( I can't hug in-game anymore >.> )

Cheers, Fer.
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Sith Adept
Sith Adept

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PostSubject: Re: ats is gone just like me.........   Mon 22 Mar 2010, 9:58 am

Ref,you are COMPLETELY wrong,KERNOW would never force anyone out of a clan and IF you read the rules it clearly states NO SCRIPTING
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PostSubject: Re: ats is gone just like me.........   

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ats is gone just like me.........
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