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    Mon 14 Dec 2009, 3:19 am
    Message by Xasomur - Pfavex'asomu'ridano
    Note: This is no official or canonical text. I invented personalities and combined them with Star Wars Universe. Except the screenshots all pictures are taken from wokieepedia.

    "'Cause it's true... The truth is awful!"

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano, mostly known by his core name Xasomur, was a Chiss General of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. He was known for his empathy and serenity, but also in the right companionship for an outgoing and humorous attitude. During his career he had a deep correspondence with Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known as Grandadmiral Thrawn.


    The Society around

    Chiss don't grow up. They get grown up by their environment. But that didn't work on me.

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano was born 14 BBY on Csilla into a Chiss-Society, which was struggling with several political issues. There was a changing amount of ruling families in The Ascendancy of the Chiss Nation. That caused movements of the powers between the several families in the society, which is a difficult climate for political and social climber, because of the unforeseeable changes of the forces. The second major struggle was the era of the Empire in the core of the galaxy. The intern issues of the Empire and its aggressive attitude majorly towards non-human made it to a potential enemy for the Chiss Ascendancy. More than ever the Chiss were isolated from the rest of the galaxy and in an instable constitution.

    Life and Career

    Talented, ambicious, independent. He may get far. Very far.
    ―Extract of Mitth'raw'nuruodo's personal notation files

    Because of the concealment and secrecy of the Chiss there are no information about childhood and early career of Pfavex'asomu'ridano. But after the first encounter with Mitth'raw'nuruodo starts a detailed archive of information about Pfavex'asomu'ridano in the words of Mitth'raw'nuruodo himself who wrote comments and notices about him, which were found by the Galactic Alliance later on.

    Encounter in Space

    I can see your transporter, I can see our battleship. Even though I cannot see any chance to win a possible battle... We capitulate.
    ―Pfavex'asomu'ridano to Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano was a lower officer on a ship of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. This battleship were just on patrol at the borders of the Chiss Space shortly after the Battle of Yavin, when the transporter of Mitth'raw'nuruodo entered the space. After a short discussion of the two Captains Mitth'raw'nuruodo demanded the capitulation of the Chiss Battleship. As this one denied this demand Pfavex'asomu'ridano assumed the command of the Chiss Battleship by knocking out the captain, because he saw the trap, set by Mitth'raw'nuruodo. The capitulation of Pfavex'asomu'ridano impressed Mitth'raw'nuruodo so much, that he offered him a position in his Fleet as commander of his own ship. Pfavex'asomu'ridano on the other site was impressed by Mitth'raw'nuruodos tactical genialism and charisma, so he accepted.

    Understandings and Disagreements

    He was gigantic, adorable, astucious, eloquent and even more, but he was blinding and speciously. The stereotype of Chiss.
    ―Pfavex'asomu'ridano in remembrance of Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    While the discussion and disputation between them it become clear that the collaboration of Pfavex'asomu'ridano and Mitth'raw'nuruodo would be difficult. Though Pfavex'asomu'ridano udnerstood and agreed with some of Mitth'raw'nurodos comprehensions and advances of the Chiss doctrine, which is about secrecy and non-aggressive attitude towards enemies, they got into conflicts about that. Pfavex'asomu'ridano agreed that a first strike against an enemy which’s attack is only a matter of time is a possible option to defend the own nation. But Pfavex'asomu'ridano was already informed about the issue of the Alliance, which was gaining more and more power and threatened the Empire. Mitth'raw'nuruodos modifications of the doctrine were in Pfavex'asomu'ridanos opinion only an explanation and a reason for aggressive actions by Mitth'raw'nurodos forces to eliminate the Alliance.

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano had doubts about the purity of Mitth'raw'nuruodos philosophical and political conviction. Knowing about that Mitth'raw'nuruodo on the other side had doubts about Pfavex'asomu'ridano total loyalty towards him, for which reason Mitth'raw'nuruodo concealed his proceeding with the battleship of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet, which he used for espionage at the Chiss Ascendancy instead of giving it back and having official political debates. Furthermore Mitth'raw'nuruodo gave incorrect information about the movements of his Fleet to Pfavex'asomu'ridano and restrained his maintenance of power.

    Throughout this time and the years they had in depth disputations and discussions about tactics and strategy in war and politics. Pfavex'asomu'ridano even climbed the imperial command ladder with help of Mitth'raw'nuruodo.

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano as lower imperial officer

    Separate Ways

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano: You have shown me many paths and i followed you everytime. But you are going ways I cannot follow anymore. May I leave in honor?
    Mitth'raw'nuruodo: You have already earned honor. It was just a question of time when you are going own ways.
    ―Wording of Pfavex'asomu'ridano's cancellation towards the Mitth'raw'nuruodo

    With the beginning of Mitth'raw'nuruodos so called Thrawn Campagne with the battle of Obroa-Skai, in which Pfavex'asomu'ridano was commander of a ship of the Imperial Fleet, he decided to leave Mitth'raw'nuruodos fleet and kind-of-empire. It was no cankered disunion, they even had further correspondence together, Pfavex'asomu'ridano just didn't wanted to be part of the Thrawn Campagne.

    He didn't rejoin the Chiss Ascendancy, because he wasn't convinced by all of their doctrine. The Empire of the Hand would have been an option for him. Because under reign of Mitth'raw'nuruodo this Empire were to exist without fear as instrument of control, without megalomania, and without xenophobia. But that kind of Empire had no future without a competent person at its top. But even Mitth'raw'nuruodo seemed to lead that Empire in a direction which not was completely right, so Pfavex'asomu'ridano escaped from public for a time.

    Empire of the Hand and Return to the Ascendancy

    This isn't. I'm gone.
    ―Wording of Pfavex'asomu'ridano's cancellation towards the Empire of the Hand.

    After the death of Mitth'raw'nuruodo Pfavex'asomu'ridano saw the chance to have his influence on the Empire of the Hand. With the help of the officers Pfavex'asomu'ridano worked together while his time in the Imperial Fleet, he joined the Empire back as the officer he was before. After few time he even became an admiral in tradition to Mitth'raw'nuruodo.

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano as admiral of the Empire of the Hand

    With the time Pfavex'asomu'ridano started entertaining some doubts again. He anticipated, that The Empire of the Hand was about to face its expiration. Reasons for that were the neighbours: The (remaining) Empire on the one hand was just too similar in its political praxis and the Chiss Ascendancy was just too similar in the political idea. The Empire of the Hand lost its members and forces to these neighbours. Furthermore there was an amount of people using the Empire of the Hand to gain some power, especially disappointed members of the original Empire, who entered the Empire of the Hand to fast gain power for themselves. So Pfavex'asomu'ridano left the Empire of the Hand again because of the selfishness of the other parts of the Empire of the Hand and a general weakness of the Empire of the Hand in relation to it's neighbours.

    As soon as Pfavex'asomu'ridano rejoined the Chiss Ascendancy the string of detailed information about him were breaking up. There are only suggestions for the happenings right after the time he came back to the Ascendancy. Supposably there must have been a trial against him, because of his actions as he left the Ascendancy, offering a battleship of the Chiss to a possible enemy of the Ascendancy. That would explain why Pfavex'asomu'ridano didn't get a political or military rank, even though he was quite famous in the Unknown Regions for his tactical and strategical knowledge.

    Regain of Reputation

    Reality overcomes prejudices in times of unification through major harassment.

    The symbol of the Chiss Ascendancy

    Until the Yuuzhan Vong War there are no information about any happenings regarding Pfavex'asomu'ridano. With the rising menace of the Yuuzhan Vong the ruling families of the Chiss decided to give Pfavex'asomu'ridano a military rank and let him control again his own battleship. But he got totally rehabilitated into the Chiss society as he defeated a raiding patrol of the Yuuzhan Vong without losing any of the own forces. After that the Yuuzhan Vong never entered the space of the Chiss Ascendancy at all and Pfavex'asomu'ridano was considered as a national hero in the Chiss society.

    During the Swarm War he maintained a low profile, because he couldn't classify the threat of the Killiks, the whole development of the war just seemed too strange to him to take any stand towards it.

    Destiny? Nonsense. If I had no free will, I could not choose whether there is a destiny. I can, so I have… I have so I can.

    Political Philosophy
    Tradition is a crutch, which turns into a cross, if you don't lay it down as soon as you don't need it anymore.

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano was born a Chiss and remained always addicted to their philosophy. A state which is completely sovereign and autarkic. Only by this a state could guarantee the safety of its population. Any interdependence to an equal state, or obedience to a greater state, or any responsibility for a smaller state would lead to additional issues which would stain the own state unnecessarily. So the relations to other states is reduced to its minimum to ensure its own survival.

    Secrecy and integrity are the devices to realize that idea. Furthermore a knowledge about the neighbour-states is necessary is of major importance, because only by that it's possible to judge the potential threat, or the possible assistance by that state. The best way, according the Chiss conception, to effort an adequate evaluation of a state is knowing about its art. This consideration causes a deep addiction of the Chiss to artistry.

    Additional major point of being autarkic is a powerful and working military force.

    A Chiss-Clawship, the standart-starfighter of the Chiss

    One of the most important parts of the Chiss philosophy is a non aggressive politic. The Chiss would never begin a war, but they always would finish it. This is reasoned on the one hand in the will to have a pure image and on the other it's a guarantee for political correctness. No other state could blame the Chiss for defending it's own territory and could react in an aggressive way.

    In sight on the life of Pfavex'asomu'ridano it's important to explain the importance of the type of government. This kind of state, with those political ideas, cannot be lead by a democracy, because the people would act too emotional and could be mislead by propaganda. But even major issue is that in the extend of a galactic state the whole population is not able to decide for all, because it's focused at least on its own planet's problems. A democracy could be functional on a little territory, which the Ascendancy not is. A monarchy on the other hand is even more insecure. Not only most monarchs suffer megalomania a single person is always too emotional addicted to completely ensure to serve the philosophy.

    The way of the Ascendancy to find the middle path is an oligarchy of some ruling families, by which "family" doesn't mean brothership by blood, but by adoption by relevant skills. The equal powers between the families causing a balance of the Forces. Therefore that one family does not grow too strong the other families would always care, by philosophical reasons or ambitious ones is not of importance if it serves and ensures the doctrine. Another advantage of the different families is a specialisation of the families which got their own respective part of state's power. One family is competent in military issues, the other one in economic, the next in diplomatic and so on.

    These fundamental information are necessary to understand the mental conflicts and opinions of Pfavex'asomu'ridano: He was convinced by the philosophical background and utopia of the Ascendancy, but he saw the reality it was grown to. The politic is only caring about fitting into the words of the doctrine but in reality it's following a plan which would brake the rules of the Ascendancy. The major issue is the non-aggressive attitude. The Chiss Ascendancy was provoking attacks to make a war, so make the other part start the war, even if it wasn't heading to do that. The opposite also happened. A major threat won't be fought because the Ascendancy's doctrine isn't permitting it.

    The first case is a weakness of the members of the Ascendancy, the second is a weakness of the Ascendancy's doctrine itself in the eyes of Pfavex'asomu'ridano. (Furthermore there was existing a strong seriousness and humourlessness in the Chiss society, as result of the ambition for the highest possible efficiency. Pfavex'asomu'ridano was in opposite to that convinced that humour and excitement are important in life at least in privacy, and should not be banned from there, because it's already banned out of official life.)

    When Pfavex'asomu'ridano met Mitth'raw'nuruodo he thought he found someone who had the same opinions like him about politic philosophy. Furthermore Mitth'raw'nuruodo impressed Pfavex'asomu'ridano massively by his charisma. But in the end the arrogance and aggressiveness of the Grandadmiral disappointed Pfavex'asomu'ridano and convinced him that Mitth'raw'nuruodo wasn't hitting the point of his own philosophy by the way he wanted to effort his aims.

    Throughout his life Pfavex'asomu'ridano figured out, that the Ascendancy was the only state which comes near enough to his philosophies and convincements. Furthermore he saw the chance to have his positive influence on the Ascendancy, which became possible with his status of a legend in his former society.

    Csilla, the capital planet of the Ascendancy

    Profession and Privacy
    Notable: Not any emotions on bridge at all. Laughter device in talk. Schizophrenia? Addition: Harmless. Understandable.
    ―Extract of Mitth'raw'nuruodo’s personal notation files

    Pfavex'asomu'ridano saw importance in both of this parts in life generally. To have the best output possible out of both, he was strongly focused on separating these parts and give both the same intensity in his life.

    So he was as a fleet-officer very concerned about being as good and professional as he could while he was working. It was the time where only the fleet, the ship and the crew counted. No friendship and preferences. He did, what he had to do, and he did not, what not had to be done. That means he made unpopular decisions, when it was necessary for the survival of the fleet, or the ship and its crew, or to win the battle. And he forgot all personal preferences, the opinion of people he estimated higher wasn't more important or worthy, because only the better opinion was.

    Vice versa he was extremely outgoing as a private person, which separates him from the majority of the Chiss people. He was laughing a lot, making jokes and playing tricks. He played frequently simple card-games with the human crew on his ship. He did also play games with a strategical and tactical content, but he showed a great affinity to those kind of games, which doesn't need any thoughts or tactical talent.

    The reception of that way of life, which seemed divided and dividing to most Chiss, was quite bad in the Ascendancy and the public denied the eccentric behaviour of Pfavex'asomu'ridano and put it into bad light, because too much fun would destroy the logical way of thinking and would addict to a lifestyle unlikely to Chiss-ethics. But the near friends and family saw the advantages of that way of living, Pfavex'asomu'ridano was very balanced throughout his life, which had a positive influence on himself and those around him.
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