DCMoD 1.2 Documentation

Welcome to the DCMoD 1.2 documentation file.
You should be able to find any information about the mod here, from installation instructions to cvars to client commands.

The DC (Death Clan) Mod is a server-side modification for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. It has close to all the features of other admin mods like the Jedi Academy mod, and much more.

This is version 1.2 of the mod, released for those of you who still bother to play JK2.
DCMoD 1.1 featured, among other things, three admin levels, 70 emotes, an in-game help function, and move alterations.
DCMoD 1.2 also has an AutoAdmin, a censor function, a fix for the rocket bug, an easy way of changing flag cvars, automated Hunted TFFA, SDAC, and lots of more secrets.

Good luck and enjoy!
Janos Oudrin


For most people who have run other server mods like the Vulcanus Admin Mod or the Jedi Academy mod, this should be fairly easy.

To Install The DCMOD in the easiest way, simply put the pk3 file in your GameData\base folder and run the server.

The safer and more stable way is to properly install the mod server-side. To do this, create a folder in your GameData folder called dcmod, and inside that folder create another folder called vm. Open up the dcmod.pk3 file in an archiver (like Winzip or Winrar, you can rename it to .zip if you want), go into the vm folder and extract the jk2mpgame.qvm into the dcmod\vm folder you just created. The mod is now installed.

Now you need the JK2 Dedicated Server 1.04, which you should be able to find on any JK2 download site if you look around for a bit. (Try doing a search for "Jedi Knight II Dedicated Server" on www.google.com, for example.) Once downloaded, put the jk2ded.exe file in your GameData foler.

You should also have a configuration file. An easy example is in the dcmod archive, but you should change it to suit your needs. The config file should be in the GameData\dcmod folder. If you open the example file in Notepad, you will find the basic config layout that you can change and then save. The file should be renamed to dcmod.cfg if it isn't already called that.

Now right-click on the desktop (in a blank space) and select New -> Shortcut. Now, assuming you installed Jedi Knight in the default folder on the C:\ drive you can cut and copy this line and paste it into the shortcut location box:

"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2Ded.exe" +set fs_game dcmod +exec dcmod.cfg
If your Jedi Knight 2 game is installed at a different location, type the correct location in there.

Now press ok and choose a suitable name for your shortcut. Place it somewhere easy to get to (like the desktop or the Start Menu).
Open the shortcut and your very own DCMoD server should be running!


Some servers have the so-called “saber down rule” enforced. This means that players may not attack other players who have their lightsaber selected and turned off. This is commonly used to be able to chat without getting killed frequently. Players who disobey the saberdown rule are commonly known as "lamers". Admins of servers where the saberdown rule is enforced, often experience abusive behaviour of this rule by other players.

An example of abusive behaviour is when a player turns off his lightsaber when he is near death in a struggle, and then leaves the battlefield in order to collect health and shields (while he may not be attacked himself because he is “saber down”). This way, the player uses the saberdown rule in order to prevent being killed, while his intention is to kill other players.

Another example of abusive behaviour is when a player turns off his lightsaber when he is out of ammo, just to leave the battlefield in order to recollect ammo and continue his search for frags. This way the player can only be attacked when he wishes, which will always be when he has the amount of ammo he wants.

DCMoD has a solution to this abusive behaviour of the saberdown rule and it’s called SDAC, Saber Down Abuse Control. With SDAC, It's impossible (or at least very hard) to abuse the saber down rule. Here is a list of what SDAC can do:
  • Players cannot pick up items while they are saberdown
  • Players are not hurt by saberdown players who are performing a “kick maneuver” on them (performed by double-tapping the jump-key)
  • Players cannot use offensive force (eg. lightning, push and pull) while they are saberdown
Each of these components can be enabled or disabled separately, if the server admin wishes so. For more information on how to do that, please check the Cvar List at the end of this document.

Setting Up Admin Rights

DCMoD has a great way of setting admin rights and other flag cvars ("bit cvars") that other mods do not have.
I expect that this will be the hardest for most people to understand, but it's really quite easy.

There are six cvars to control admin rights.

  • dc_sarights
  • dc_dcrights
  • dc_hcrights

These three control which admin commands the different admin levels can use.
Refer to this section for the group names.

  • dc_sarcon
  • dc_dcrcon
  • dc_hcrcon

These three control which cvars and server settings the different admin levels can change (with /amrcon).
Refer to this section for the group names.

To set up admin rights, you use the dccvar command for the config file or the amcvar command from in-game. The syntax is very easy. You can either ADD rights, REMOVE rights, or SET rights, and you can do it several times with one commands.

To ADD rights, you put a plus symbol (+) in front of the groupname:
dccvar dc_dcrights +EMPOWER

To REMOVE rights, you put a minus symbol (-) in front of the groupname:
dccvar dc_dcrights -SLAP

To SET rights, you put only groupname:
dccvar dc_dcrights BASIC

Note that SETTING rights like this removes all other rights.

Here are some examples of the three methods combined:
dccvar dc_sarights BASIC +MOTD
dccvar dc_dcrights BASIC +MOTD +SLAP +EXPLODE
dccvar dc_hcrights ALL -BOTSAY -SETINFO

More examples with admin rcon rights:
dccvar dc_sarcon NONE
dccvar dc_dcrcon NONE +EXEC +MAPS
dccvar dc_hcrcon ALL -HCPROPS -HCOWN

Command List




/amsilence [player]
/amunsilence [player]

While affected by silence, a player is unable to talk (in any form). His message will simply be ignored.

amunsleep (amwake)
/amsleep [player]
/amunsleep [player]

Sleeps/awakes a player. When slept, a player is prone to the ground and will not be able to do anything but spin around.

/amfreeze [player]
/amunfreeze [player]

Freezes/unfreezes a player. When frozen, a player cannot move or attack at all.

amkick /amkick [player] KICK

Kicks a player out of the server.

amget /amget [player] GET

"Gets" a player by putting him directly in front of you.

amgoto (amtakemeto) /amgoto [player] GET

"Takes you to" a player by putting him directly in front of you by changing your coordinates.

ampsay /ampsay <player> <message> PSAY

Prints a message at the center of the screen of the player.
The message may include newlines (\n).

ammotd /ammotd [player] MOTD

Shows the MotD to the selected player.

amAAstatus /amAAstatus AASHOW

Lists each player and their number of violations according to AutoAdmin.

amAAlist /amAAlist AASHOW

Lists all used slots of the 64 AutoAdmin memory-slots.
When a client reaches over dc_AAlogip amount of total lames, his IP and lame count is saved.
This is so AutoAdmin will remember him if he comes back.
Once it reaches 64 slots, it clears all slots and starts anew.
"Active" means that the AutoAdmin is watching the connecting clients for the IP.
"Not Active" most probably means that the client has already connected, and the slot is ready to be overwritten.

amkickban /amkickban [player] BAN

Kicks and bans the selected player.

amban /amban <player> [number of sublevels] BAN

Will ban a player and the selected amount of sublevels.
Note that this does not kick the player.

/amaddip <ip>
/amremoveip <ip>

These are bascially the same as the server commands with the same names.
Addip bans an IP, removeip unbans it. Listip lists all banned IP's.
These commands are also available through /amrcon when the IP group is enabled.

amslap /amslap [player] SLAP

Slaps a person, adding velocity and damage according to server settings. Also knocks the player down for five seconds (same effect as sleep).

/amsummon [player]
/amrelease [player]

/amsummon has a constant grip effect on the target, without doing damage.
The target is completely stunned, but may use force. To prevent this, use /ambanforce too.
/amrelease lets go of the player.

/amempower [player]
/amunempower [player]

When empowered, a player has a dual saber, a nice glow, a set amount of force, and all force powers.
Empowered players cannot pick up guns.

/amterminator [player]
/amunterminator [player]

When a terminator, a player gets all weapons and 999 of all ammo.
The weapons and ammo are restocked at each respawn.
Contrary to in other mods, DCMoD Terminator does not remove force from the player.

amren (amrename) /amren <player> <name> RENAME

Renames a player. Any of the two can be used for the same effect. The new name may contain spaces.

amtimescale /amtimescale <scale> RENAME

Bends time, making it <scale> times faster.
(2 is twice the speed, 0.5 is half the speed.)

amtele /amtele <player> <x> <y> <z> [yaw]
amtele all <x> <y> <z> [yaw] <incX> <incY> <incZ> [incyaw]

This teleports the player, putting it in another location.
x and y are horizontal coordinates, z is upwards.
x, y and z are the coordinates (in units) you want the player to go to.
yaw is an optional value that gives the player some velocity in a certain direction. yaw is supplied in degrees.

When you do it to "all", it becomes slightly more complicated.
Naturally, if you teleport everyone to the same coordinates, they will be stuck inside eachother.
Therefore, you should need to increment the coordinates some for each player.
The increments can be positive or negative values.
For example, if you wanted to teleport everyone on top of eachother, you could use the inc values 0 0 +80.
Each player would then have the previous player's z value +80.
This means that each player would be teleported with 80 z coords between eachother.

amorigin /amorigin [player] TELEPORT

Gives you the exact coordinates of a player.

ammake /ammake <player> <command> MAKE

Makes a player perform the selected client command.
It can be any none-admin DCMoD command, like dchelp emotes or dcsit.

amtoggle /amtoggle [player] TOGGLE

Turns a players saber on or off, depending on it's current status.

amAAmanage /amAAmanage <player> <typekills> <saber down kills> AAMANAGE

Adds or removes a certain number of each type of lame. Values can be negative or positive.

/amAAadd <ip> <typekills> <saber down kills>
/amAAclear <slot>

/amAAadd adds the specified IP and violation count into the next available AutoAdmin memeroy-slot.
/amAAclear clears an AutoAdmin memory-slot.

/amAAignore [player]
/amAAunignore [player]

While affected by AAignore, AutoAdmin violations against the player won't be registered.

/amAAenforce [player]
/amAAunenforce [player]

While affected by AAenforce, a player's AutoAdmin violations won't be registered.

/ambanname [player]
/amunbanname [player]

While affected by banname, a player can't change his name.

/ambanteam [player]
/amunbanteam [player]

While affected by banteam, a player can't change teams.

/ambantoggle [player]
/amunbantoggle [player]

While affected by bantoggle, a player can't turn on/off his saber.

/ambankill [player]
/amunbankill [player]

While affected by bankill, a player can't kill himself.

/ambanforce [player]
/amunbanforce [player]

While affected by banforce, a player can't use any force.

/amhunted [player]
/amunhunted [player]

Amhunted takes all weapons and force from a player, leaving only a stun baton behind.
Amunhunted reverses it. As a side effect, amunhunted can also be used to take all weapons but the saber.
The hunted effect is also used in Hunted TFFA.


Shows some more or less useful properties of each connected client. Most importantly, it shows log-in status and the name of the DCMoD-compatible client mod (if any). Displays tons of useful information on each connected player. These include what admin commands they are affected by, their HP, and their IP. Please note that if you're in a duel, you will not be able to see the opponent's HP.

aminfo /aminfo BASIC

Shows some more or less useful properties of each connected client.
Most importantly, it shows log-in status and the name of the DCMoD-compatible client mod (if any).

amrcon /amrcon <command> [parameter] BASIC

This command is a miniature rcon for admins to use to change various cvars and settings.
It can be used to unban people, to show bans, to kick all bots, to change force power settings, to change maps, etc.
The amount of settings you're allowed to change with amrcon depends on your admin level.
For a list of what you can do, type /amrcon without any parameters.

The /amrcon rights for your admin level is set through amcvar.

amcvar /amcvar <cvar> [alterations] BASIC

This command will let you view or change the properties of a flag-based cvar.
This means you'll be able to see and set what the cvar actually does instead of seeing numbers.
New values can be set, added or subtracted. To add or subtract, use a plus or a minus before the value.
For a list of cvars you can change, check /amcvar <cvar>.

amcheckip /amcheckip <ip> BASIC

This command will help you check if a certain IP has been banned.

amexplode /amexplode [player] EXPLODE

Kills a person by blowing up the neck.

amrob /amrob [player] ROB

Takes ALL weapons and ammo from the specified player. (Undo it with amunhunted)

ambotsay /ambotsay <bot> <text> BOTSAY

Makes a bot say your text. Handy if you want some fun.

amsetinfo /amsetinfo <player> <key> [value] SETINFO

Makes you able to change or view a client's settings.
You'll be able to change their saber color (color1), their model (model), etc.
It's also possible to change force power settings, but that's mean, so I haven't included documentation for it.

amloghimin (amlogherin)
amloghimout (amlogherout)
/amloghimin <player> <password>
/amloghimout <player>

Logs in or out a player (without the player knowing the password).

amkickmsg (amkickmessage)
ambanmsg (ambanmessage)
/amkickmsg [message]
/ambanmsg [message]

Changes or shows the kick and kickban messages.
Defaults are "was kicked" and "was kickbanned".
You can change it to something like "was brutally hurled off the server", and it will look more epic.

Cvar List




dc_duelsaberon seta dc_duelsaberon 0 DUELS

If disabled, the sabers will not be turned on automatically at the start of duels.

dc_duelshields seta dc_duelshields 100 DUELS

The amount of shield each participant in a private duel gets at the start.

dc_duelstats seta dc_duelstats 3 MESSAGES

How or if results of private duels will get displayed.
0 = No display.
1 = Display in console.
2 = Display in centerprint.
3 = Display in console and centerprint.

dc_FFduel seta dc_FFduel 1 DUELS

If enabled, people will be able to use the /dcengageFFduel command to challenge to Full-Force duels.

dc_multipleduels seta dc_multipleduels 1 DUELS

If enabled, multiple private duels can be initiated at once.

dc_noduelbacta seta dc_noduelbacta 1 DUELS

If enabled, bacta canisters can not be used in duels.

dc_forceaffect seta dc_forceaffect 1 LAWS

If enabled, push and pull will affect loose items like ammo and shields.

dc_blackname seta dc_blackname 1 LAWS

If enabled, players will be able to use the color black (^0) in their names.

dc_kickanytime seta dc_kickanytime 0 EXPERIMENTAL

If enabled, will let players kick from any hight. (Slightly bugged)

dc_weaponkick seta dc_weaponkick 0 EXPERIMENTAL

If enabled, will let players kick while wielding guns. (Slightly bugged)

dc_weaponrolling seta dc_weaponrolling 0 EXPERIMENTAL

If enabled, will let players roll while wielding guns. (Slightly bugged)

dc_saberemotes seta dc_saberemotes 2 EMOTES

Saber emotes are emotes that look best when done with a saber.
0 = Disabled.
1 = Saber emotes can only be executed while wielding a saber.
2 = No limitations.

dc_weaponemotes seta dc_weaponemotes 2 EMOTES

Weapon emotes are emotes that look best when done with a gun (because they partially freeze then).
0 = Disabled.
1 = Weapon emotes can only be executed while wielding a gun.
2 = No limitations.

dc_freezeemotes seta dc_freezeemotes 2 EMOTES

Freeze emotes are emotes that freeze the client using them in a specific animation sequence.
0 = Disabled.
1 = Freeze emotes can only be executed while wielding a saber.
2 = No limitations.

dc_cinematics seta dc_cinematics 0 EMOTES

Currently only one emote in this group, dcfreeze. Added for freezing any animation sequence at will.
0 = Disabled.
1 = dcfreeze emote can only be executed while wielding a saber.
2 = No limitations.

dc_knockMeDown seta dc_knockMeDown 0 EMOTES

Controls the dcknockMeDown emote, which can be abused to bounce in the air.
0 = Disabled.
1 = dcknockMeDown emote can only be executed while wielding a saber.
2 = No limitations.

dc_freezeinair seta dc_freezeinair 0 EMOTES

If enabled, freeze emotes can be used in the air.

dc_adjustemote seta dc_adjustemote 0 EMOTES

If enabled, certain emotes will shift your origin to make the animation have contact with the ground.
This can be abused by doing several of these commands in a row, hence moving you downwards through the ground.

dc_modbackslash seta dc_modbackslash 1 MOVEALTS

If enabled, people will be able to use the dcbackslash move alteration command.

dc_modyellowmove seta dc_modyellowmove 1 MOVEALTS

If enabled, people will be able to use the dcyellowmove move alteration command.

dc_modyellowside seta dc_modyellowside 1 MOVEALTS

If enabled, people will be able to use the dcyellowside move alteration command.

dc_allowhelp seta dc_allowhelp 1 LAWS

Will allow the /dchelp command, which gives info on DCMoD features compliant with current server settings.

dc_slapdmg seta dc_slapdmg 0 SLAP

The amount of damage (in HP) one slap does.

dc_slapPowerXY seta dc_slapPowerXY 200 SLAP

The velocity one slap will give horizontally.

dc_slapPowerZ seta dc_slapPowerZ 400 SLAP

The velocity one slap will give vertically.

dc_amfailuremsg seta dc_amfailuremsg 1 MESSAGES

If enabled, admins will be given a message if they miss with their "admin gun".

dc_empoweredForce seta dc_empoweredForce 300 ADMIN

Sets how much force power empowered are given.

dc_protectsleepers seta dc_protectsleepers 1 ADMIN

Will cause people affected by /amsleep to be protected from player-based damage.

dc_flymove seta dc_flymove 0 ADMIN

Never mind this, it's not done. Stick with 0.

dc_aimanim seta dc_aimanim 3 ADMIN

Will play animations with certain admin commands when used on the aim ("admin gun").
0 = No animations are played.
1 = Animations are played on the admin.
2 = Animations are played on the target.
3 = Animations are played on the admin and target.

dc_huntedTFFA seta dc_huntedTFFA 0 HUNTED

Will turn normal TFFA into Hunted TFFA.

dc_autoChangeHunted seta dc_autoChangeHunted 1 HUNTED

Makes the hunted on each team change once killed.

seta dc_sacolor 2
seta dc_saname "Sub-Admin"
seta dc_sasaycmd "amsay"

These three set the name of the lowest admin level (SA) to Sub-Admin, the color to green (^2) and the command for speaking in the level's channel /amsay.

seta dc_dccolor 3
seta dc_dcname "Admin"
seta dc_dcsaycmd "dcsay"

These three set the name of the middle admin level (DC) to Admin, the color to yellow (^3) and the command for speaking in the level's channel /dcsay.

seta dc_hccolor 5
seta dc_hcname "Lord of the Server"
seta dc_hcsaycmd "hcsay"

These three set the name of the highest admin level (HC) to Lord of the Server, the color to cyan (^5) and the command for speaking in the level's channel /hcsay.

dc_sapass seta dc_sapass "lowadmin" SAOWN

This cvar sets the password of the lowest admin level (SA), in this example to lowadmin.

dc_dcpass seta dc_dcpass "middleadmin" DCOWN

This cvar sets the password of the middle admin level (DC), in this example to middleadmin.

dc_hcpass seta dc_hcpass "highadmin" HCOWN

This cvar sets the password of the highest admin level (HC), in this example to highadmin.

dccvar dc_sarights BASIC +AASHOW
dccvar dc_sarcon none +MAPS
dccvar dc_dcrights all -SETINFO -BOTSAY
dccvar dc_dcrcon all -DCPROPS -DCOWN -HCPROPS -HCOWN -SAOWN
dccvar dc_hcrights all +FLY
dccvar dc_hcrcon all

These cvars control the admin rights of the different admin levels.
dc_hcrights controls admin commands rights, and dc_hcrcon controls rights with /amcvar and /amrcon.
These are both flag-based cvars and are best changed with the /dccvar or /amcvar command, as it is much easier that way.

For more information, see the Advanced Section.

dc_sdac seta dc_sdac 2 ABUSE

If enabled, will disable offensive force and picking up offensive items with your saber down.
If set to two, there is no possibility for a player with his saber down to hurt another player, save for triggers.

dc_autoBanKill seta dc_autoBanKill 0 ABUSE

If enabled, no one can kill himself.

dc_botnotlame seta dc_botnotlame 2 ABUSE

Makes the AI aware of the server rules (according to dc_autoadmin).
0 = AI will not care about rules.
1 = Bots will not break the rules.
2 = other AI (like sentries) will not break the rules.

dc_rocketbugfix seta dc_rocketbugfix 1 LAWS

If enabled, the infamous ROCKET BUG is not usable.

The rocket bug is a trick to make it possible to keep someone homed without actually aiming at them.

dc_censor seta dc_censor 1 CENSOR

Enables the censor function, censoring the words in dc_censorlist out of text.
If set to 2, also censors names.

dc_censorlist seta dc_censorlist "Mother Fucker&Cock&Shit&Fuck&Cunt&Pussy" CENSOR

A string of &-separated words or phrases to be censored with dc_censor.

dc_autoadmin seta dc_autoadmin 9 AUTOADMIN

This is a flag cvar. This means that you should add together the values you want for the desired effect.
1 = Typekills are disallowed.
2 = Saber down kills are disallowed.
4 = Kills made with your saber down are disallowed.
8 = The AutoAdmin will kick in, punishing and warning according to specific cvars. (See below)

The default value, 9, will punish and warn whenever someone typekills. (8 + 1 = 9)
A value of 7 would display a short notice whenever someone typekills, saber down kills, or kills with his saber down. (1 + 2 + 4 = 7)

dc_AAlogip seta dc_AAlogip 3 AAOWN

How many lames are required for the AutoAdmin to log the IP of the offender.

seta dc_AApunishment1 "dcmotd &i"
seta dc_AApunishment2 "dcmotd &i"
seta dc_AApunishment3 "dcslap &i"
seta dc_AApunishment4 "dcexplode &i"
seta dc_AApunishment5 "dckick &i"
seta dc_AApunishment6 "dckick &i"
seta dc_AApunishment7 "dckick &i"
seta dc_AApunishment8 "dckickban &i"

These are the server (rcon) commands for the admin commands to be used at the offender.
They go all the way up to 10, but AutoAdmin will delete all entries of a person once he has been banned.

seta dc_AAwarning1 "Please read our rules."
seta dc_AAwarning2 "Please read our rules again."
seta dc_AAwarning3 "SLAP!\nTalk to an admin if you're confused."
seta dc_AAwarning4 "BANG!\nTalk to an admin if you're confused."
seta dc_AAwarning5 "Welcome back.\nPlease read the rules this time."
seta dc_AAwarning6 "PLEASE read our rules."
seta dc_AAwarning7 "This is your last chance."
seta dc_AAwarning8 "BANNED"

These are the messages that will be displayed to the client after a number of lames.
They go all the way up to 10, but AutoAdmin will delete all entries of a person once he has been banned.
If a client connects, and the AutoAdmin remembers his previous amount of lames, the warning will be shown upon connect.
This means that a warning set at the same lame count as a dckick will be displayed when the client returns.

dc_motd seta dc_motd "Welcome to the ^1*RJ* ^7Server\nNo typekilling\nNo saber down killing\nNo swearing\n^1No abuse of above rules\n\n^3Enjoy your game.\n\n^5DCMoD 1.2 Alpha by ^4Janos Oudrin^7" MOTD

This is the motd as it will be shown on screen.
It must be one line, you can use color codes to color words like you can do in player names.
Use \n to insert a newline (Enter).

dc_motdTime seta dc_motdTime 4000 MOTD

Time to show the MOTD in miliseconds (1000 ms equals 1 second. So 5000ms equals 5 seconds). Add 1 second for the time it takes for
the message to fade.

seta dc_trigger1 !rules
seta dc_trigger2 !version
seta dc_trigger10 !website

Triggers are one-word (spaceless) phrases that performs an action while set.
These are public triggers, which means they can be used by anyone.

seta dc_satrigger1 !slap
seta dc_satrigger5 !clientnumber

Triggers are one-word (spaceless) phrases that performs an action while set.
These are SA triggers, which means they can be used by the SA level or above.

seta dc_dctrigger1 !dance
seta dc_dctrigger5 !makemember

Triggers are one-word (spaceless) phrases that performs an action while set.
These are DC triggers, which means they can be used by the DC level or above.

seta dc_hctrigger1 !empowerall
seta dc_hctrigger5 !serversay

Triggers are one-word (spaceless) phrases that performs an action while set.
These are HC triggers, which means they can be used by the HC level or above.




seta dc_triggeraction10 "dcpsay &i ^5www.jko-clan.com"

seta dc_satriggeraction5 "dcpsay &i &s's\nclient number is\n&i"

seta dc_dctriggeraction5 "dcren &1 ^1*^4Myclan^1*^7&2"

seta dc_hctriggeraction5 "say &s^7: &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9"


These are the actions for each trigger. The number is the same as in the above description.
The trigger actions consist of a full string of a server command, with parameters.
It can be ANY server command. Additionally, you can use the following identifiers:
&i gets replaced by the activator's client number.
&s gets replaced by the activator's name.
&1-&9 gets replaced by the appropriate parameter (1st, 2nd, etc)

dc_football seta dc_football 0 SECRET

Feel free to play around with me if you have cg_dismember and g_dismember set to 2 on client and server.
I have four values.
I especially like it when people are in contact with severed heads, for example heads via amexplode.