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The Torch of Fair Play and Bonfire of Equality and Democracy
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Miscellaneous Download

  • Patch 1.04
    Updates your game client to version 1.04. If you're getting the errors "recursive error after: User Interface is version 7, expected 6" or "server uses protocol version 16," this patch will fix it for you. If the patch is unsuccessful, try placing the file in your JK2 directory before running it.
  • JK2 Minimizer
    A Software to minimize jk2 easily, can make you switch between game and any other thing very fast.
  • Pakscape
    A Software to compile files into a zip or rar or pk3 compressed file. Also, you can edit archives with it. ( when you name the file you are compressing, don't forget to put extensions at the end : ex : Myarchive.pk3 and not Myarchive only )
  • Gimp 2.6
    An image editor, equal to photoshop but free. Can manage all type of pictures.
  • JK2 Editing Tools including GTKRadiant
    Map editor program. It can be used to create maps, or edit other maps.
    The Zip-File also contains other useful tools like Modview, which is useful to be able to view your skins directly on desktop, without having to check for them ingame.
    Tutorial for GTKRadiant
  • Skinning Tutorial by m0pH
    A skin tutorial, to understand how to make your skin, from another model.
  • Skinng Tutorial by Ajunta Pall
    Not a real download, but a small and fine skinning tutorial for beginners.
  • DCMod 1.2 Documentation (English) ~ DCMod 1.2 Mod
    DCMod v1.2 documentation explaining available settings and admin commands. As well as the actual mod itself.
  • m0pH's Mods
    A group of Mods mostly related to ]=ATS=[ stuff made by m0pH.