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Medals and Awards

This Page explains what Medals and Awards are, and which kinds there are. If you're looking for the people who are honored with a Medal or an Award check out the Hall of Fame and its second hall which was created to make some space for next medals.

Medals and Awards are a long time project by the members of SoL. We wanted to find a way to honor those people, who are worthy to be honored. There were long discussions about how that may happen and what it shall look like. Thanks to the support from many people we're proud to present our first try to introduce these things to you.

There are 2 different kinds of honors a member of SoL can achieve: Medals on the one hand and Awards on the other. Medals are mentions for character traits and long-term based behaviour. By looking through the long list of existing Medals you will get a clue about what it is. In opposite to that Awards are given for a special achievement, it doesnt need to be trait related and achieving an award doesnt need someone to be a long time member of SoL. Any great work that is worthy of an Award may get one. That is why there is not a list for possible Awards: Clan members recognize such brilliant works and propose them for an award.

This means that Awards are given out by the Clan. This is because Awards are not meant to create competition or be linked to popularity. The Medals go through a phase of nomination and in the end the members will choose who shall win the Medal. Every once in a while Clan will choose a bunch of medals and will nominate people for each of them. Then there will be a poll for the members and their vote decides about the winner. Because some of the medals are hard to understand, which traits they aim at, what the difference to other medals is and so on, there will be a brief note for which traits the members shall care making their choice in the poll.

Because of the huge variety of positive traits and the different areas they are belonging to the following list of Medals is ordered by chapters. Some of the Medals have a further explanation to make clear what the medal is for. Just have a look and you will get along with it.
1. Basic Trait Medals
Medal of Activity
The Badge displays the Rebel Base on Dantooine representing the continuous Activity of the Rebels during the Reign of the Galactic Empire.
Medal of Contribution
The Badge displays Luke Skywalker in his rebel pilot uniform representing everything he contributed to the victory of the Rebellion over the Empire.
Medal of Dedication
The Badge displays Leia Organa, who dedicated her whole life for the Alliance and the New Republic like no other.
Medal of Versatility
The Badge displays Han Solo, who combines the Smuggler and the Diplomat, the Pilot and the foot soldier, the daredevil and the family man, a jack of all trades.
Medal of Council Commitment
The Badge displays Bail Organa, a Senator of the Old Republic, engaging all his power into the Discussions of the Senate and trying to save the institution from the arbitrariness of the Emperor.
This Medal can only be awarded to members of the clan who have been part of the Council in an extraordinary important way.
2. Medals of Personality and Character traits
Medal of Wisdom
The Badge displays Ben Kenobi, the old and wise Jedi Master.
Medal of Justice
The Badge displays the Base of the CorSec, the Corellian Security Force, assuring the right and justice on Corellia, representing not only the demand for justice for oneself, but as well the justice for everyone else, standing up for what someone believes is right.
Medal of Tranquility
The Badge shows the home of Ben Kenobi in the desert of Tatooine, representing the patience and tranquility waiting and guarding the young Luke Skywalker throughout many years in order to keep the head down and not to be tracked by Darth Vader.
Medal of Spirit
The Badge displays a Wookie during the Clone Wars in the Battle for Kashyyyk after Order 66, representing the loyal spirit towards the Jedi and the continuous support to freedom and equality, throughout the numerous years of slavery during the reign of the Empire.
3. Medals of Skill
Medal of Strategy
The Badge displays Admiral Ackbar, the brilliant commander of the Rebel Fleet, leading the Alliance to the Victory over the Empire.
This Medal is awarded to a member, who shows great flair and skill in TFFA und CTF.
Medal of FFA
This Medal is awarded to someone demonstrating great knowledge and advance tactics in FFA.
Medal of FF
This Medal is awarded to people with great knowledge of Full Force on all force levels.
Medal of Swordsmanship
This Medal is awarded to people with great timing and knowledge of Saber Duels.
Medal of Chicanery
The Badge displays Lando Calrissian, who is a knows trickster and hardly to be seen through, but he has his heart at the right spot and is a great support to the Alliance with his tricky attitude.
Medal of Ambition
This Medal is handed out to a player, who has sufficiently improved his skills.
Medal of Languages
The badge displays old Ben Kenobi, who used many languages to demonstrate himself as a excellent influencer. Awarded to SoL who have sufficently improved their language relations.
4. Medals of Special Traits
Medal of Synergist
The badge displays a rebel soldier, who helped to change the galaxy thanks to his influence however small. Awarded to commoners who contribute well to Synergy.
Medal of Teaching
This Medal is handed out to a player, who has taught many players the ways and workings of JK2, both in fighting and moralities.
Medal of Jesters
The Badge displays a Bith Musician, who are known to be some of the best Entertainers of the Galaxy.
Medal of Reform
The Badge displays Boba Fett, who changed his life after the fall into the Sarlacc, making his peace with Han Solo, abandoning his lifestyle of a bounty hunter and supporting the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong Wars and finally giving up his hate towards the Jedi.
Medal of Moderation
The badge displays C-3PO, who is a tribute to the effect moderation of Anakin Skywalker and serves to symbolise effective SoL moderators.
Medal of Administration
The badge displays Jabba the Hutt, who ran an undercover empire through effective control and communal awareness. Symbolic of an effective SoL admin.
5. Medals according to Tournament Traits.
Medal of Proficiency
This Medal is awarded to a member who always composes themselves well in tournaments, showing he has both trained and prepared well throughout all of his battles. This medal represents accomplishment and prowess.
Medal of Sportsmanship
This Medal is awarded to a member who has shown sincerity and integrity in tournament battles, despite not always coming out on top.
Medal of Gallantry
This Medal is awarded to a member who has not always been successfull in tournaments, but has been gritty and gutsy. Training hard and never giving up.