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 List of useful game commands

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PostSubject: List of useful game commands   List of useful game commands Icon_minitimeThu 04 Dec 2014, 7:51 am

So here is list of useful commands gathered from original topic. If you have a command you want to add post it in that topic and it will be added here. Enjoy!

  • /rate, /snaps, /com_maxfps, /cl_maxfpackets, /cg_drawFPS 1, /cg_lagometer 1, settings depend on where you live

  • /r_primitives (troll command lol, makes you to see background only),

  • /cl_noprint 1 - hides chat, good for turning of chat if someone insults you e.g., you will be able to see chat, but not what you are typing

  • cl_yawspeed <speed>, higher value, higher rotation speed, more dizziness lol

  • /cg_shadows 1, ¬†allows you to have shadow

  • /scr_conspeed <speed>, faster/slower movement of console

  • /cg_fov <distance>, zoom in/out your camera

  • /cg_crosshairSize <size> - Makes your crosshair smaller/bigger

  • /cg_fpls 1 - First person mode with lightsaber

  • /music <musicfile> - Plays a music file from your base folder. (If you play the song, the current
    map's music will be replaced by your song). By replace I mean only momentarily, once your song finishes it goes back to the map's music. If the music will keep playing try /recon, or restart game if you wish the music to stop

  • r_fastsky 1 -turns sky dark, cg_speedtrail 0, cg_sabertrail 0

  • Best settings with decent connection: com_maxfps 125, cl_maxpackets 100, rate 100000, snaps 60

  • To set custom resolution: r_mode -1, r_customwidth 1920, r_customheight eg 1080, then vid_restart to load changes

  • cg_dynamiccrosshair 0, disables the annoying movement of the crosshair

  • scrolling in console with pagedown and pageup

  • Cg_hudfiles 1 - Simpler hud, takes up less space and is easier to read

  • cg_forcemodel 1 - Changes all players' skin to the one you're using, saves a few fps.

  • cg_drawtimer 1 - Displays timer in top right corner of your screen, shows time elapsed on map.

  • cg_bobup - 0, cg_bobpitch - 0, cg_bobroll - 0, cg_runroll - 0, cg_runpitch - 0, (All disable screen "bobbing" when you move)

  • cl_mouseaccel (I use 0, but some people like mouse acceleration)

  • com_hunkmegs, should allow more shaders to load so map doesn't look gray and particles square-y, default is 128, do 256 if shader problem (I think)

  • cg_drawteamoverlay - 1 (Tells you your teammates health and weapons etc in top right corner of screen, values 2 and 3 changes it's position)

  • /cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0 (1 is default). This keeps the camera still; good for making movies or observing skins from an all rounder perspective

  • cg_noprojectiletrail - 1 (Disables rocket smoke trails)

  • cg_marks - 0 (Disable splash projectile marks on walls)

  • Referee's guide:

  • cg_simple 1 "Makes items 2D also useful for seeing bacta's,shields,health easier", from Mick

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List of useful game commands Five_m10
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List of useful game commands
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