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PostSubject: Apology   Apology Icon_minitimeFri 08 Feb 2019, 3:07 pm

I would like to issue a formal statement of apology to the SoL clan and the rest of JK2. Over the last 5 years of my activity in SoL, I have often been very rude and condescending to my clan members in discussion. I often didn't listen to different opinions, and would attack another player's character if they at all disagreed with me. I would refuse to admit I was ever wrong, and would continue to insist on my point even when everyone else was disagreeing. I was even more rude and condescending to people outside of SoL, often criticizing their whole clan and generalizing an entire clan's behavior based on one person or one situation. I would often refer to the toxicity of other clans, and blame them for all the problems of JK2, despite the fact that the majority of the games' population had no problem with the general behavior of the game.
All of these things have helped create a barrier between SoL and the rest of JK2 which I am greatly sorry for. I have also been instrumental in driving several members into inactivity or taking even further action to actually leave SoL, and again I am greatly sorry for that. I have often acted immaturely, putting my own wants and desires above what is better for the clan or game as a whole, and in doing so, I would often speak very harshly to members who I thought were messing up. I ignored the game as it adapted, and made every effort to make the game perfect for how I wanted to play it, disregarding what the rest of the player population wanted. This often created an even greater void between SoL and the other players, and I apologize for my part in that.
I would also like to apologize for all the times I have abused my abilities with admin. I did not follow the example of the original SoL members, and I refused to adapt to the game as it moved into modern times. All of that lead to me taking severe action against players who just wanted to play the game. I also want to apologize for the fact that I did not follow the rules of the SoL admins, but instead only took action when someone was personally attacking me or one of my friends, instead of protecting the whole population of the game like the rules state. I generally reacted emotionally, not giving the time to think or read the situation, and would instead ban someone for very small offenses on the server.
To summarize... I have been part of creating a toxic culture between SoL and the rest of JK2, which created a very hard year for SoL in 2018, of which I am ashamed. I am very sorry for these actions, and will do my best effort to improve on my behavior to create a positive playing experience for everyone in JK2... and not just me.


.... or at least.... that's what I imagine his apology might have looked like if he had the balls to give it Neutral
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