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 The complete chronological guide to ATS and SoL Inter-relations

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Kernow Pilgrim

Posts : 10648

PostSubject: The complete chronological guide to ATS and SoL Inter-relations   Sun 26 Sep 2010, 3:22 pm

Editors Note: Here you can find the complete guide to researching all the events that have happened between SoL and ATS since december 2009 onwards. The posts are SoL's substantiation and evidence for the history we promote about our involvement with ATS. Seeing as any attempt to give ATS this side of the story is met with censorship and banning by Outcast and Kyle. The archives here give posts demonstrating both sides of the argument between the previously split ATS - Having opinions from members such as Argentino, Sylba, Maximus and of course Outcast himself. We hope you find these posts useful for developing your own structured opinion on our experiances and history which Outcast has tried to erase from the minds of the younger generations of this amazing game JK2.

This post is a stand against the propoganda and tyranny of deciet in some corrupt ATS administrators. Against the lies and hate that Outcast has spread amongst other players in JK2 and a stand for the benefit of our community. Long live the truth.

*December 13 2009
- One of the first posts made on the new ATS forum in the disorientation of Outcast leaving ATS. Nick reports the forum being deleted and the server being changed for the worse. He mentions meetings between members to get things back on track, and gathers the clan by saying that the continue without Outcast under a new fairer and more equal system.

Page 1: Kyle (Katarn) makes haste to set up a new server which is launched in hours for regathering ATS to temporarily use - Many Democrats overlooked Kyle's generosity here, although in argument he could have just been looking to run and own the server. NickdeClaw suggests that a council be elected fairly instead of one leader, he says having another one leader will be another dictatorship just like before.

Page 2: Aju reinforces this idea of Nick's and states that many members can come back and start new relations with JK2. Draco gives a good definition on a fair admin usage proposal to run by. Sylba and Kyle reinforce not to speak ill of Outcast whilst Xasomur and Phoenix protest - Nick and Sylba propose that for now everyone must work as a team to get ATS back on its feet.

Page 4: Blacknight posts a good idea of how the system and structure of the clan should stay, remaining much like it's old ATS only without Outcast as leader.

Page 5: ZoF offer their help to shelter the ATS - Ajunta's final topic forebodes the dark rivalry between the two groups of ATS - The loyalists to Outcast and the Democrats.

*December 14th 2009
- This thread is intresting as the majority of discussion took place over two days of non-eventful server activity. Thus it is a good track for our ideologies and thoughts at this time. Sylba's thread doesn't start a division of ATS, rather because the future 8 loyalists to Outcast (Sylba, Herny, ErroronE, Kyle, Maximus, Abrum [later], Argentino and Ulrich) aren't active in discussion - Therefore Sylba's attitude is outnumbered by the far more dominating numbers of 20+ Democratic ATS members wanting no more dictatorship and no more 'need to know' basis of instruction.

Sylba's post: Sylba starts divide by personally not supporting ATS being carried on by the members after Outcast's absence. He says people don't know what ATS means and that history is EVERYTHING. He says ATS is 'gone' and dead to him. Sylba says people didn't notice or appreciate Outcast's good efforts because they didn't know it. He quotes addresses of previous ATS forums without stating that they were previous forums of ATS before Outcast abandoned them and moved on. What Sylba doesn't tell the Democrats is that he knows Outcast's plan and real trick to filter out the 'bad' elements by disintegrating the clan and watching who does what. Sylba enforces information without actually giving any.

Page 1: Aju's first post stresses that active members such as Hektor, Kernow, Nick and himself have done more for the clan than the inactive members in power such as Sylba. He states Blueninja has been in the clan doing everything for it for more than a year and still hasn't got the administrative position he deserves. Aju says Sylba obviously doesn't know what ATS is since the members have made it more beautiful to live for than he has. It is a passionate post of hate for Sylba's conservatism and love for the new movement.
Kernow stresses that if the ones in power were to remain inactive ATS would become a dusty shelf and would eventually rot. Kernow states the clan is taking over itself in a sense, that the members have earned their position to become responsible for a clan they've rightfully inherited through their activity and upholding of the morals. He says Sylba sounds like an old man against the new leaders of ATS who take the clan's best intrests to heart.
Sylba's reply to Aju is just an Outcastian attitude: Undermiming the intelligence of those that disagree with him, reinforcing the history of the clan being more important than the present, general ignorance to others, and refusing to co-operate in rational and progressive debate.
Xaso stresses anger at constantly being told by people like Sylba that he knows nothing. He says that they focus on ATS's survival, and he asks what sylba has done to help but criticise, and why Sylba isn't elaborating on this omniscient information he declares he has but never explains. He also is confused how ATS isn't allowed to continue without Outcast, he says ATS is the same clan with the same values - Only difference is it is no more dictatorship.
Kernow summarises Aju's response by saying they are making history, just like Sylba's ''proper'' members did before.

Page 2:Kyle supports Sylba with loyalist servitude that would suggest he would jump of a cliff for Outcast and more. BlackKnight unleashes his emotions in an uneven blurry of syntax that demostrates his annoyance at Outcast's recent failure as a leader and how the members are the leaders of themselves. Phoenix supports ATS as a community driven by fairplay and friendship - He states ATS is what it is because of the active members not because of the inactive leaders. Nick also stresses ATS no longer being based on individual power.

BlacKnight states:
BlackKnight wrote:
The ones who fail are the ones who surrender without figthing..

Page 3: The main argument is Kit-Fisto/Chubby/ShapeShifter stating that ATS should die with its leader and that the history is very important. However just like Sylba no facts are given - Just empty forums of the past with nothing but a members roster of the inactive ATS legends. Nick defeats the point by saying history should be acknologed and taken into consideration but NOT based as a basis for the future.

Page 4: Blueninja states to Sylba the recent events that have turned ATS on its head. Sylba patiently re-iterates that the name of ATS in the clan's continuation is the problem for him.

Nick's point of ultimatem for this thread:
Nick wrote:
SyLba, the only person who has left is Outcast. If Outcast's leaving means ATS no longer exists, then what was ATS in the first place? Just Outcast?

Sylba's reply is plain denial. Yet in hindsight everyone knew this statement of Nick's to be true. Sylba answers to Nick's question and states after talking to Lusantleug he will accept that ATS can continue using the name 'ATS'.

Page 5: Kernow quotes the highlights of this thread.

*December 15th 2009
- Bacara's thread was one of many which had general updates over varied days in this time area. Bacara highlights the confusion of the clan and how many players are being suddenly banned from the 'ATS Farewell' server. Bacara accuses Outcast as all the many banned players are people who were banned from ATS in the first place. General comments are one of paranoia, questions and intrigue in all the confusion. Kyle shows his early attachment and never-dying loyalist traits to Outcast, and news of Maximus's 'inactive' reaches the forums, as well as Outcast NOT registering on the currently new ATS forum (this one). Kernow speaks of improving relations with former-ATS rivals (Boss, Azzy etc...).

*December 17th 2009
- Maximus was the only founder/right hand man of Outcast to come to the new ATS forums and help re-gather the clan. This post was one of the first that started the divide between loyalists and democratics. His message was one of overall friendliness and support for carrying on the ATS name, he reinforces loyalists that Outcast mustn't be ill-spoken of and that he will be remembered as the founder and creator of ATS. Although Max states he is benevolant and open to opinion from the members his last point subtly indicates he just intends to take Outcast's spot as leader, and carry on like before.

Page 1: Many miss Max's intention to become leader and rejoice in his support in joining their forums and making an effort to re-gather people with this post.

Page 2: Mid-way down the page Nick starts the argument by picking at Max's intention to become self-appointed leader. Xaso develops by saying Max cannot be leader and tear the newly formed Democratic system to threads, he says Max has to earn his place as a leader or council member and one post won't do it. Sylba shouts down Xasomur saying he has no right to determine if Max isn't leader, he says Max has more right to the ATS name than Xasomur or himself.

Page 3: Ajunta firstly states he won't be a dog of a monarchy and that ATS = the members. Blueninja tries to peacefully explain to Sylba to see what is best for the future of ATS and not what WAS the best. Nick thanks people their support and states for people not to be afriad to throw in their two cents. Nick states the benefits of not having a leader - and that there are more benefits in the members making their own decisions.

Xasomur's long post describes the old human societies of feudalism and how common masses always rise to take back their national-identity and to make golden times again. He describes how the dominant ideology and people of culture always continue while the weaker leaders die or get replaced. Xasomur's description of nobility against the masses show that they always fail and that history teaches to abolish monarchy and dictatorship. ATS he says cannot be lead like before because we have learnt from the nobility's mistakes and our own history.

Page 4: By the time of these posts division has already ruptured, and people realise Max will not relenquish power and the 'sheep' loyalists as referred to won't support the new system. Phoenix and Kernow both stress their distaste for Max's adoption to leadership and that soon a new Democratic server will be created.

*December 21st 2009
- Following the night after Outcast's return and his declaration of trickery and demand for return to power, 'The Determination' was the annoucement of our atittudes against Outcast, it was our main piece of advertising on the forums during the chaos at the newly divided ATS. With Outcast's return and the Democrats sticking to their newly made fair system, chaos was everywhere. This post was a re-gathering information for inactive members or ATS that had missed the recent events. Xaso's post was one to re-gather everyone away from Outcast's totalitarian grip.

Other notable posts in this thread:
*Herny mid-way down page 1. *Blueninja top of page 2. *Blackknight mid way down page 2. *Mereel top of page 3.
*Phoenix, Kernow Pilgrim and Vort mid way down page 3. *Sylba and Xasomur in page 4. *Skambak top of page 5.
*Sylba top of page 6. *NickdeClaw mid way down page 6. *Lusantlueg mid way down page 9.
*Sylba, Herny and Ajunta at bottom of page 9. *NickdeClaw and Kernow Pilgrim page 10.

*January 9th 2010
- After removing the mods on Outcast's server, Abrum proposes a solution to peace by creating a third server for both ATS to talk without power over eachother. The democrats don't warm to the idea and find many problems, Kernow explains that Outcast will never debate and never go anywhere in which he has no power over. Democrats question Abrum's loyalties to democratic or Outcastian - The democrats make mistakes here by enforcing just as much divide as Outcast's ATS.

Page 2: Abrum later reports that he has given back the mods to Outcast in exchange so he can map on Outcast's server. Here Abrum lets out that his principle to play triumphs the principle of morality, he allies to Outcast possibly just for the quick access for modding and mapping. Nick states that giving Abrum FTP is not co-operation but base bribery. Despite Xaso stressing to make an exception and give Abrum FTP on the Democratic ATS - Nick states it would be a terrible security practise and a breach of fairplay and equality. Later Abrum states Outcast retains the same attitude of the Democrats being 'rats' and once more swings loyalty back to the Democrats.

Page 3: Kernow suggests that Abrum gives mods and maps to both the Democratics and the Loyalist servers, as a show of equality and peace. Abrum later removes the mods and maps from Outcast's server anyway. The action is one to get Outcast to listen to the democrats before he can get his mods and maps back.

*January 15th 2010
- Sylba's post signifies the lag wars that started between the two factions of ATS in Outcast's absense. Sylba uses Mereel lagging the Outcast ATS server to make a rant about the Democratic ATS's apparant hypocrisy and falsehood. Herny just spams insults of 'stealers' etc.. The thread turns into a bravado match in who is the better ATS between the Democrats and the Loyalists, Abrum is still on the Democrats side.

Page 2:Nick brings sense into the post with an objective look that both factions are lagging eachother and that a community shouldn't be judged as a whole because of the actions of one of its members (a typical Loyalist trait when outlooking rivals such as the Democrats).

Page 3: Sylba's post and Kernow's reply is a good idea on the beleifs of the two factions, Abrum demonstrates his sorrow and guilt at abusing the FTP.

*January 15th 2010
- Some time before Outcast left (so a week or so before this date), Lusant had a in depth conversation with Outcast. The post is mainly significant to getting first hand evidence from Outcast himself about his views on the clan ATS. The full spanish log is quoted on the subject reminder, but Xaso gives translation for the key points mid way down page 1 with additional comment.

*January 16th 2010
- The day before Abrum re-mods Outcast's server to promote the Democrats message he has a conversation with Maximus. Both players highlight intresting atittudes, as a whole Maximus is still a respected figure amongst the democrats even though he is the biggest loyalist of them all. Abrum holds the his mods ransom for a peaceful talk with Outcast.
Nick asks the intresting question of 'what is ATS' - is ATS configured of the members or the leader? Notable points are Xasomur's first speech - Where his main point is highlighting the Democrat's primary argument of holding to ATS. Blue stresses his dissapointed that Max is apparantly just as ignorant as Outcast.

Phoenix picks up an intreting quote from Max in the subject topic and comments on the wrong morality it upholds. Kernow elaborates on the metaphor of the Democrats being a workforce with a inactive employer - Are the workers on strike or has the employer commited illegal acts and is being taken to justice? Kernow supports the idea of a weak monarch where monarchy can change hands according to whole upholds the morals in the most respective fashion. After quoting Nick Kernow states that the Democrats are against Outcast because they didn't join the clan thinking that it was owned and always run by Outcast, they thought it was about fairplay and equality as the clan motto promoted.

*January 17th 2010
- An example of the chaos that occured during Outcast's break when the clan was at it's most fragile. As a statement of his alliance towards the democrat's cause and in revolt to Outcast's loyalists, Abrum used the FTP access Outcast had given him to create Democratic messages on the server, making re-mods and spawning messages everywhere. A video example is in the subject reminder. However this caused problems as shown.....

Page 1: Kernow gives a perfect summary of the whats, whys, whos and hows of the lead up to this event. This event was the key event that caused Argentino to ally to Outcast - He had JUST returned from inactivity and all he saw was people laughing at the chaos in Outcast's ATS server.....not a good first impression. As such Argentino morally was with Outcast ever since that event. Nick gives a good example to be nice to Outcast's loyalists.

Page 2: Abrum's loyalty at this point was swaying back to Outcast because he felt guilty about abusing the FTP of Outcast's server, his attitude changes as he persuades the Democrats to just listen/talk with them. Mereel's post firstly states the power rot that has left Outcast as the solo leader. Mereel points out that DESPITE Outcast saying (in the exile post later to come) that Nick is a young member Nick has actually been in JK2 longer than Outcast. Mereel's argument is that in time, clan-experiance, friendliness and clan relations the Democrats soundly beat Outcast and thus have more right to the clan than he does. Mereel gives a perfect summary on being a good clan leader.

Nick's post here is one of his best - the reply focuses at first on the faults of Outcast's administration - How Outcast self-ranks himself as a divine omniscient and that his members have inferior knowledge:
NickdeClaw wrote:
He ruled absolutely and declared his decisions righteous, yet with no reasons to ever back his decisions. He told us that he is the one with administrative experience, and that we "shouldn't worry about it." He'll take care of it. In the context of his role in JK2, he literally viewed himself as never being wrong. This is not an overstatement...because he believes that a strong central Administrator is necessary to maintain a clan. I disagree in his definition of strength. What more evidence should the rest of us need than Outcast's word?
Nick debates that ATS is nothing to 'own' and only the loyalists perceive the clan as something to possess and rule. Nick points out the fundamental Democratic argument - A clan is run by the members, if the members go, so does the clan.

Nick's second argument is by stressing that (in theory) the workings of Monarchy (a system with one ruler - ie. King) are that the Monarch is representative of his/her people. If the leader makes bad representations it harms the community than good. His final point is thus:
Nick wrote:
If a benevolent leader sees that he is causing distress to those he leads, he will relinquish his leadership so that the community can better prosper.
Nick's ultimate point and ironically shown in his post is that the Democratic ATS have far more convincing arguments, rational and reason to do what they are doing than Outcast and his loyalists.

Page 3: Kernow accuses Abrum of middle-manning between factions, and re-iterates Nick and Mereel. Abrum and Kernow write challenging replies to each here. Abrum requests that his mods are taken away from the Democratic ATS server.

Page 4: Arguments between Abrum and the Democrats that Outcat and Max hinder potential for peace. Topic finishes with a poignent question from Kernow asking if his ban was justified.

*January 23rd 2010
- The event of Outcast returning from his holiday (during which old and new ATS had been arguing for ownership and rights to run the clan) and banning Mereel and Kernow without a word was the main event that started the main division of ATS and the rivalry between the two factions - Democratic and Outcastian.

Page 1: Mereel reports getting insulted by Outcast and Max. Outcast disconnects players like Red Death Hand who protest against the banning of Kernow.

Page 2: Wolfe posts the 'exile list' that Outcast puts up on the ATS forums, a post of narrow-minded views and lies as none of the 'exiled' cheated (apart from possibly Referee). It is an attempt to silence the ringleaders of the democratic ATS, NickdeClaw's post mid-way down the page gives good feedback. Outcast recruits four new recruits in a quick and hurried attempt to re-build the ATS clan - Sircamus, DarthKyle, Sabreboy67 and Starkiller.

Page 3: Emails sent from Xasomur to the inactive founders - Huracan and Gich remain unanswered.

*January 24th 2010
- Xasomur quotes a conversation between Maximus and Argentino in Outcast's ATS server. Either Argentino is playing the listening card or he doesn't intend to ally with the Democratic ATS and really does beleive Max. Kernow quotes subtext from Max, where Max states essentially that Argentino will be banned and exiled if he allies to the Democratic ATS. Nick points out both sides are trying to get everyone to dislike the other, and Kernow stands up for the side which he beleives to be reasoned and real perspective.

*January 26th 2010
- Another big influencial post about potential diplomacy with Outcast's ATS. In the middle of the primary time of conflict where the two ATS where both pledging the same morals and in the middle of a propaganda war. Phoenix tries to fight for the right and tell Outcast's new recruits the recent events and that the Democratic ATS weren't 'fake'.

Page 1: Phoenix tells an ATS recruit to see the Democratic ATS's side of the story on the Democratic's forum. Phoenix binds the statement and starts using the bind every so often. Gets in an argument with Outcast, with Outcast just warning him not to spam the website address and that Phoenix 'knows nothing and has kid actitude'. Herny stresses that he is tired of the conflict and wants the old team re-united. Phoenix's post gives a solution of changing the clan name so Outcast will stop being so nasty and banning everyone, as possesion of 'his' clan (as the loyalists put it) is all he wants. Herny pledges Phoenix to give Outcast what is rightfully his and leave ATS with Outcast. Herny states that Outcast is gutted about recent events (but pride keeps him from backing down).

The start topic post is a good, non-aggresive perspective at the Outcast faction of ATS, and their beleif. Herny reveals that at the end of every generation Outcast has created a new forum, this is the first time in four years that there has been problems. Many Democratic ATS are hopeful to the idea of peace. Xaso states however that they recently created the Exile List and that they are acting nice. Phoenix presents a proposal of changing the clan name and tag that would accomplish peace and symbolise an evolution from Outcast.

Xaso counters with a post of Outcast on his forums (mid way down page 1) - Posting degrading propoganda about Hektor using 'admin heal' and making it sound like Hektor was cheating. In reality Hektor was using the command for his own self-training with Vort, yet Outcast uses such an innocent move to make it look like Hektor was cheating to win, and to make an example that all of the Democratic ATS were cheating liers and nothing more. Xaso shows that the Democratic ATS and Outcast's ATS are in the same boat - Both don't want to bow to the other and neither want to surrender a name which they think they have the right to. Blueninja stresses for us not to bother as they are acting nice to get us to comply with their wishes.

Page 2: Nick gives advice to change name only for OUR gain and not for Outcast's, adding that the Democratic ATS are the ones in the position of power, and luckily are nice guy trying to accomplish peace. Abrum gives news that Outcast has unbanned everyone and given them another chance to join back to his side.

Page 3: Kernow quotes the post Outcast makes giving a list of rules and a more or less order to crawl back to the same dictatorship that the Democratic's left. Outcast shows that he needs his members back. Kernow reads between the lines and correctly predicts that Outcast will re-ban everyone is no-one accepts his system (Note: Only Maximus, Outcast, Hurcan and Gich wrote 'I accept'. No-one else replied or came back to Outcast which infuriated him more).

Page 4: Kernow quotes a final warning Outcast posted after no-one replied to his demand for everyone to return to his dictatorship. Phoenix reverts on the idea to work peacefully with Outcast as Outcast is too immature and ignorant.

Page 5: Xaso posts a remark he made to Outcast their forums, predicting it will be deleted soon and his account will be re-banned. Kernow gives a report of Outcast demanding why Kernow hadn't replied to the post, Kernow plays innocent but is soon banned on the forum and the server. Xaso posts a remark from Outcast stating that after no-one returned to his dictatorship that now all the ATS who went against him are re-banned and exiled. This post is one of ignorance and utter hypocrisy by Outcast.

*January 28th 2010
- A conclusive post when Abrum gives the mapping mods back to Outcast. Abrum finally chose Oucast because we welcomed FOD and o.o members to our server, he felt guilt ridden and bound to support Outcast after his FTP usage on the Outcast server, and that Outcast essentially bribed him with FTP and high administration. Abrum posts a reinforcing topic that in this situation it is best to obey blindly. He also demonstrates his fear of what Outcast would do if he were to ally to the Democrat faction of ATS.

*Febuary 3rd 2010
- Xasomur shows us a post from the ATS forums. Where we see an already corrupted ATS member that has been taught to irrationally distrust and dislike the Democratic ATS, clearly the ATS recruit's screenshots of the undercover Democratic ATS trying to convince him about Outcast shows that this ATS recruit thinks they are all lies. Further quoted posts show the hatred and brainwashing attitude of the extremist loyalist ATS, telling their members to ignore all counter-information to what they are told.

*Febuary 3rd 2010
- Laggers come to the SoL server and start causing chaos with lagging. When talking to the laggers they say they got told we were a fake ATS who were all cheaters, traitors and liers and they lagged us for this reason. Dispute between the Democratics occur on whether to lag the Outcast ATS back or not. Good advice comes from Kernow and Nick in page 2 about NOT retaliating.

*Febuary 9th 2010
- Kernow gives a quote of a post he put on the ATS forums, which was shortly deleted by Outcast. The post demonstrates the unjust nature in exiling NickdeClaw and how Outcast is embarassed with the issue as he deletes the post, showing the communist deletions of opposing opinion on his forum.

*Febuary 9th 2010
- Kernow posts a topic that tries to accomplish some sort of peace by apologising to Outcast, however he was banned shortly after making the post on the forums, which only further strengthened Kernow's point that Outcast is scared of the truth and tries to block it. Replies are added showing the support and thanks from many ATS member loyalists such as Sylba, Herny, Abrum etc... Outcast locks the topic and completely dis-regards the post as nothing more than 'spam by fake lier'. Nick gives sound advice that Outcast has invested to much pride into his actions to give in now or ever.

*Febuary 10th 2010
- Mereel starts one of the most important topic of our history as an seperate community from Outcast, that is to change our name and symbolically change our clan. Here is 8 pages of passionate, heated and intense debates fronted mainly by NickdeClaw, Mereel and Grimmjow on the side of FOR changing the name, and Xasomur, Kernow Pilgrim are AGAINST changing the name. Anyone who reads all the posts will be more informed than most others in the entire game ^_^
The poll was passed and we symbolically made our final declaration of independence from ATS, agreeing on the name 'SoL' - Sunrise of Liberty, rising above the dictatorship of Outcast.

*Febuary 16th 2010
- Many attitudes, opinions and representations of the Democratic ATS's attitudes when they decide if they are to give a contract to Outcast. Despite many arguments going FOR the contract it is eventually declined by the democratics, after general consent that Outcast would never enter into diplomacy with us. Thus the contract would not just be ill-wasted but it would put the Democratic ATS in negative light.

*March 29th 2010
- A highly important topic that gives evidence and credible damnation of abusive ATS members. Back in the month of march SoL was still early formed and ATS/SoL were still highly volatile.

Page 1: Screenies show Ulrich, Herny and Outcast sabre down/chatkilling Phoenix quite openly. Constatly laming him for the simple reason of who he is (SoL) not because of what he does. Xasomur gives another abusive evidence screen of Kyle Katarn (aka Ravenclaw) banning Xasomur for no reason other than being an exile of ATS (even though Xaso isn't IN ATS). H20, a returning inactive, clearly hasn't been told the full story as he doesn't question the bans or gangings.

Page 2: Phoenix gives a story following the original post where he is ganged and eventually banned. Understandbly he is very angry. Following is a conflict between SoL members about whether to take action against Outcast or not. Xaso stresses not to lower ourselves to Outcast's level but Phoenix and Draco are put past rage and are focused on justice.

Page 3: Mereel stresses wisly that revenge gives no satisfaction. Draco gives an intresting video in which the SoL tag has been censored on the ATS server. Kernow gives his side of the story supporting a friendly approach with younger ATS.

Page 4: Solutions are further discussed. Xaso gives reference to the contract and name topics and Kernow reinforces his previous point. Micro gives an account of more abuse at the hands of Maximus and Ulrich.

Page 5: BDL gets banned before he can tell someone of what Outcast is really like.

*June 26th 2010
- Kernow makes a topic encouraging all SoL not to react to Outcast in a violent manner, which only strengthens Outcast's propoganda. He encourages everyone to remain friendly with all non-abusive ATS.

*June 29th 2010
- Kernow tells a story where amazingly he wasn't banned on sight by Outcast. Kernow also reveals a conversation between Argentino, Sircamus and Max in which they tell of their loathing and dislike towards Kyle and his power connections with Outcast. Kernow later was banned - Outcast must've added the ip in secret after Kernow left the server. More examples of abuse from Kyle and Outcast on innocent young SoL members.

*June 30th 2010
- Ashly's topic sparks posts about unjutified bans and abuse from Kyle and Outcast. An intresting point highlighted is that Max would proberly be a better leader.

*July 13th 2010
- 'Anonymous' is an ATS player who is a rising member in the ranks and soon to get admin with Outcast. The post tells us again that they live in fear of being detected by Outcast as a 'pesudoclan lover'.

*July 14th 2010
- Chelsea shows us a clip in ATS forums where an innocent ATS recruit has been mistaken for what Outcast thinks to be a SoL undercover. Multiclanning is highly illegal in SoL, yet Outcast in an epic mistake bans this recruit as he is paranoid it is someone from SoL.

*July 19th 2010
- Chelsea, who are after leaving ATS for SoL, experiances abuse from an undercover Outcast completely unprovoked.

*July 26th 2010
-A post quote from Outcast on the ATS forums in which Outcast openly lies about SoL hacking into ATS and getting the admin passes and banning people.

*July 27th 2010
- Gster acts as the middle man to try and persuade both clans to have some sort of peace. Intresting posts are from Gster, Phoenix and Kernow Pilgrim gives an accurate overview of the current ATS structure. Nick shares his good knowledge and many more intresting reactions.

*August 6th 2010
- A short friendly topic from returning inactive ATS legend TY294. TY demonstrates his knowledge about the fact that he would be banned in ATS for joining SoL - A subtext post that shows many ATS are refrained from doing what they would like because of they're fear of Outcast.

*August 28th 2010
- Ex-ATS recruit M1ckz3n aka Coca-Cola/Illumination/Imperial Spy/Razer Blazer posted a questionnaire for SoL with description of his abuse at the hands of abusers like Kyle Katarn after M1ck made enquiry into how Katarn got his Cyan rank. Quoted is a text (and amusing but true translation) from Outcast in page 2.

September 10th 2010
- After a while of inactivity, ErroronE (an old ATS exile who returned to Outcast during the split in a spur of oppertunistic loyalty) visits the SoL server undercover. Kernow Pilgrim correctly identifies Error's ip address and makes sure everyone knows it is him, despite Error denying it. Kernow reports that Error (who lagged SoL during the January/Febuary lag wars) came to the server only to lame and insult the other SoL. Error starts stating Hektor as an admin cheater (remembering the manipulating and false presentation that Outcast promoted of Hektor during the split), despite Hektor not being admin.

Septermber 25th 2010
- Avatar Aang is another ATS recruit that left ATS to join SoL. Upon resigning his post was banned and his account removed on the ATS forum. He reports here that Xasomur and Aang both get banned from ATS by Kyle. Kernow states that Kyle is single-handed in ruining the ATS clan's popularity. ~This is reinforced after Junior and Argentino left ATS after dispute with Outcast about Kyle's abusive behaviour, Outcast remained on Kyle's side.

November 1st 2010
- Chelsea left SoL and rejoined ATS, stressing a sudden dislike of Kernow Pilgrim and how he 'corrupted' Chelsea. Kernow is confused and quotes the messages he sends to Chelsea - Upon realisation Chelsea is calling Kernow a 'pseudoclan leader' he sends more angry and fustrated messages. Eventually Kernow apologises and Chelsea in turn sends an answer. In hindsight Chelsea's response was very hypocritical - pledging to just 'have fun' and forget the politics when he himself adopts an attitude of SoL being 'corrupting fakes'. Chelsea's new found hostile dislike towards Kernow and SoL in general shows the dramatic change in his character that can only be linked with his close relationship with Outcast.

November 22nd 2010
- Outcast and Kyle still demonstrate abusive hostility towards innocent SoL such as SpartaCat shows in this thread. What follows is more accounts of unjustified bans and abuse at the hands of the autocratic administration.

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The complete chronological guide to ATS and SoL Inter-relations
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