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 Council Decision on Forum Spam

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Kernow Pilgrim
Kernow Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Council Decision on Forum Spam   Council Decision on Forum Spam Icon_minitimeTue 25 May 2010, 10:14 pm

The following action is the moderator's guideline for general spam:

How the spam is handled:
Stage 1: Spam will only be deleted in topics of high importance that hold the clan's integral buisness.

Stage 2: Spam in lighter posts will be tolerated and not deleted

Stage 3: Spam in posts dedicated for spam will be tolerated for about a week before the post is locked. "Spam Topic" threads for example.

How the spammer is handled:
Stage One Warning: The warning should be regardless of where they post it (unless in spam topic or cantina areas) and wheather it is of accidently OR intentional motive. If there is spam it should be recognised as such. The member would get a pm saying he is warned officially by a COUNCIL member OR moderator - and the 'warner' posts it in the synergy section of moderators so all can see. These warnings have unlimited usage to any member.

Stage Two Warning: The emphasis of it should be that someone with INTENTIONAL spam is ruining mainly Important discussions on the forum - the warning must be sent via pm and posted in the moderators synergy as before. 3 of these warnings culminate in a one month ban.

Stage Three Warning: Only applies for people who have been already banned for a month so they have to bypass stage 2. Obviously the critieria for this kind of spam is the same as for stage 2 - only that it is obviously causing internal problems on the forum. Only one warning sent via pm and posted on the synergy moderators. Then its a 4 month ban.


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PostSubject: Re: Council Decision on Forum Spam   Council Decision on Forum Spam Icon_minitimeThu 21 Apr 2011, 5:13 am

hehe SoL so organised, <3 you guys
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Council Decision on Forum Spam
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