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 Should merC be banned

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Should merC be banned
Yes - For as long as possible
 4% [ 1 ]
Yes - But not for long
 57% [ 13 ]
No - He should be unbanned
 26% [ 6 ]
No - Kernow is an abusing whore :D
 13% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 23

Kernow Pilgrim

Posts : 10648

PostSubject: Should merC be banned   Thu 19 May 2011, 4:31 am

First topic message reminder :

Just wanted a public opinion on whether threestar should be unbanned. Obviously I'm taking into account the opinion of non-SoL because I think that in this case their voice is just as important.


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Dark Misery


Posts : 594

PostSubject: Re: Should merC be banned   Sun 22 May 2011, 7:11 am

Boogieman wrote:
Nightmare_I wrote:
Xasomur wrote:
Euro~Star* wrote:
Yes Xaso you did say it. When i was a padswan name you said i use amibot to break the grip which i assure i don't :/

Ks Is a cfg Also can get two types a script dmg 1 or a Pk which is automated and some ks dose over 50hp damage if emoted but a normal is around 22hp to 26hp.

EvC iv seen many times.

Has Mirror,Health of other appoints,Lag,Ami-bot,fake,Fake duel,Fake player, it's a program linked to jk2 as a form of cheating.
Twisted Evil

ah, judging by your clue about ks, im sure you dont ks xD

and maybe you shouldnt use aimbot as a padawan, if you dont want to be accused for it. breaking my grip with only one pull each time and in the middle of the grip each time is close to impossible. one would expect that you spam pull, because you cant be sure you get him first try. and oen woudl expect that you start spamming it asap because at some point when the grip went too long you cant pull anymore...
but if you were the padawan i think of, then youre the one who used to pull once when i was in the middle of the grip and always hit, out of any angle and movement.

Lol really few people aimbot on US servers. Well, if your GK is below-average, don't be surprised if someone pulls you in the middle of grip each time. Even if someones botting, it doesn't work like that. You're flow and predictions can surpass hes bot, so by the time he gets to you - you'll be somewhere else (even if he breaks it, it shouldn't be constantly in the middle). (Amateur botters get the pull timing wrong anyways, so it just screws them up even more).

Didn't Dimak and IDBS*Justn use aimbot, they were American players.

Lol I'm talking about active people. I haven't seen Dim Mak in over 3-4 Years and Justin barley plays (I know he Ks, not sure if he aimbots).
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Posts : 13091

PostSubject: Re: Should merC be banned   Sun 22 May 2011, 11:28 am

i would be loved to be proven wrong too, it would be the smallest work for us all about the aftermath Smile
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Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight

Posts : 2653

PostSubject: Re: Should merC be banned   Sun 22 May 2011, 6:01 pm

Kernow can you add a button that says: Who the hell is merC?

Igrom wrote:
the thought you'd ever pass a cyan examination is hilarious.

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Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Should merC be banned   Mon 23 May 2011, 12:37 am

Lol tim


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PostSubject: Re: Should merC be banned   

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Should merC be banned
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