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 Procedure on cheats and scripts

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Procedure on cheats and scripts Empty
PostSubject: Procedure on cheats and scripts   Procedure on cheats and scripts Icon_minitimeSat 20 Mar 2010, 11:46 am

The following proceedures are to be taken on members caught/suspected to be using JK2 cheats/scripts.

Heavy Scripts and Cheats (Evc, Aimbot, JKBot, Lag Script etc....) - Meeting for dismemberment and potential ban.

Light Scripts (Kick scripts, Kick damage emotes etc...) - Not allowed any administrative election or tournaments. Meeting will be held for a serious conversation with the member - SoL or non-SoL? If member uses these light scripts, in an aggresive and disrespectful fashion, then a meeting for dismembership will occur.

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Procedure on cheats and scripts
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